4 Ways To Use E-Learning To Maximize The Impact Of Workplace Safety Training

workplace safety training

4 Ways To Use E-Learning To Maximize The Impact Of Workplace Safety Training

Rochelle van Rensburg | Apr, 15 2020

The implementation of successful workplace safety training avoids diseases and accidents at the workplace, thus preventing financial costs and ensuring that your brand is not damaged. Read this article to learn how e-learning can maximize the impact of certified safety professional training courses at your organization.

Jeff is the Head of Health Training for a major oil firm. A few weeks ago, a big fire broke out on one of the company’s rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to the mishandling of a piece of equipment. Many employees were injured; the company had to shut down operations on the rig and pay considerable compensation to the injured staff.

Tony is the director of health training for a major pharmaceutical company. Recently, the drugmaker has been informed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of cause notices. Many of the workers employed at the manufacturing plant were not aware that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to be used and needed inhaled toxic gases; as a result, they became critically ill.

Chris is the health and safety training manager of a significant power generation corporation running nuclear power plants throughout North America. A month ago, in one of its power plants, an error made by one of the workers resulted in a reactor being heated outside the allowable limits, resulting in a minor meltdown. The incident triggered a significant media uproar, and the organization was subject to substantial legal action.

Jeff, Tony, and Chris are not on their own. Workplace incidents and injuries cause significant financial damage to organizations. According to the 2017 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, companies in the United States have suffered losses worth $59.9 billion due to safety-related accidents at the workplace. This translates into more than a billion dollars a week spent on safety incidents. In turn, businesses experience a loss of reputation and face administrative action from regulatory authorities.

How can organizations avoid mishaps at the workplace and protect their reputation and minimize the risk of life and property? What is required to build a healthy working environment?

One of the most effective ways of doing this is through e-learning and certified safety professional training courses. Companies need to make their employees aware of the risks and educate them on the appropriate safety practices and procedures, and due to the flexible and dynamic nature of e-learning content, this makes it a simple and effective tool for workplace safety training. Details on safety issues delivered in bite-sized modules can be better understood than the content provided in lengthy safety manuals.

You can use e-learning courses in all three phases of workplace safety training – creating awareness about following safety practices and procedures, training learners on the methods and procedures, and reinforcing training and providing just-in-time (JIT) support at the workplace.
Let’s learn more about this.

1. Using Training Nuggets to convey the value of workplace safety training. 

Trainees engage actively in certified safety professional training courses if they appreciate the value and advantages of the program. You can use micro video-based learning modules to highlight the value of industrial safety. Videos help learners link instantly to learning content and are perfect for creating an “emotional effect.”

safety professional training

 2. Build micro modules to provide safety instruction. 

After learning about the value of safety training, it is time to offer “real” safety training. Using e-learning tools to practice in a learning-friendly, non-overwhelming manner – you can use videos, infographics, and FAQs.

You can also suggest using infographics in online safety training materials. Infographics are handy for a simple, easy-to-understand, complicated and large amount of details. For example, an illustration accompanied by a small audio description may be used to illustrate the PASS fire extinguishing technique. Learners can refer to these infographics whenever they have doubts and access the required information instantly.

 3. Reinforce workplace safety training through e-learning modules.

Certified safety professional training courses are only successful if learners can retain knowledge and skills and apply them successfully in their jobs. You need to ensure that the knowledge presented in safety training programs is adequately validated so that it is effectively translated to the workplace.

E-learning modules featuring infographics are perfect resources for improving safety training and delivering performance support at the time of need.

4. Offer workers a sense of ownership of their safety. 

Using an e-learning course to deliver your health and safety training shows staff that you care enough to invest in their safety and health.This, in effect, encourages workers to make their investments in safety and health at the workplace.

That makes the workplace safer, healthier, more competitive, more effective and less expensive.

The implementation of successful safety training avoids diseases and accidents at the workplace, thus preventing financial costs and ensuring that your reputation is not damaged.

Last Note

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