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5 Biggest Corporate Training Myths and Facts


5 Biggest Corporate Training Myths and Facts

Erica Caramol | Oct, 24 2016

Do your employees groan when they find out that it is time for another corporate training? These classes are essential to distribute information across the company. But, the problem is that most people assume that corporate training will be dry and boring.

At Coggno, we want to break down the stereotypes associated with employment training. Here are some corporate training myths and facts for you to consider:

Myth #1: The only way to improve employee performance is with more training

Fact: Quality is more important than quantity.

The number of training hours doesn’t determine the skills that each employee will gain. Instead of focusing on a certain number of hours in a training course, it is better to turn your attention to the information that is delivered within the training class.

Employees will be grateful when training is concise and valuable. Cut the fluff and make sure that the content provides focused information that will be useful in the day-to-day workflow for each person.

Myth #2: Training is only needed for new hires

Fact: It is beneficial to offer ongoing training for all employees.

High-quality training programs can be a great way to keep the information fresh for your workforce. At the same time, additional training can be helpful to increase the skill set of each employee.

New hire training is essential to improve the onboarding process. It is also a good idea to put together a plan for ongoing training in the future. When employees have the opportunity to learn and grow, they will have a higher sense of workplace satisfaction.

Myth #3: Corporate training is boring and dry

Fact: High-quality training can be entertaining.

The secret is to find the right training class that will keep your employees engaged. When the employees can see the way the training will be beneficial for their performance at work, then they will stay engaged with the content.

The mindset of your management team will have a direct impact on the way the employees think about the training classes. Help the managers to see the benefits of ongoing training, and they will have a positive impact on the attitude of your employees.

Myth #4: Employees should watch every training that is offered

Fact: Employee training should be hand-selected to match the needs of each person.

Instead of giving each employee a long list of training classes that need to be completed, it is better to select a few topics that are a good match for their needs.

For example, a manager should have high-level training classes to help with the management of entry-level employees. It can be a big mistake to give every employee the same list of training classes to complete. A better approach is to cater the training to match the needs and requirements of each job description.

Myth #5: There isn’t enough time to put together a training class

Fact: You don’t have to build training from scratch.

Instead of spending the time and effort to design a training course for your employees, consider the benefits of using a pre-designed training course.

As you can see, there are easy ways to implement corporate training without putting in a lot of work. Think outside of the box to break down these corporate myths, making it simple to provide your employees with high-quality training.

Here at Coggno, our goal is to provide the training classes that you need for your company. As you browse through our selection of training, you will see that we offer a wide range of classes in a variety of industries. These training offer current information to make it easy for you to train your employees without putting in a lot of work.


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