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A Quality LMS Program Can Be Tailored To Suit Any Business


A Quality LMS Program Can Be Tailored To Suit Any Business

Erica Caramol | Feb, 11 2016

The worst thing to ever happen to clothing has got to be the “one size fits all” label. Not only did the moniker breed an entire category of shapeless shifts (Slanket, anyone?), it created a euphemism that is used to describe just about anything that can suit anyone. The truth is, there is very little about our world today that falls into the one-size-fits-all category. Our experiences are made to be customized to suit our needs, including our needs for education and training. That means, there is no such thing as one LMS platform that will work for everyone.

A Good LMS Can Always Be Tailored

In the world of clothing, there is nothing more luxurious or prestigious than a bespoke garment that his been specifically tailored to your body. The same goes for training. Sure, there are many great starting points for LMS, but you should always choose a platform that can be tailored to meet your needs. The best platforms are capable of incorporating the needs of your organization, rather than making you bend to the will of the program.

Do Your Homework

In order to determine how to enhance an LMS platform so that it can support your organization’s mission, you must consult with different parties (preferably learning professionals), both internal and external, so you can nail down your organization’s specific needs. Compile a wish list of items that your ideal LMS should contain, and don’t stop until you get them all. An LMS can be constructed to handle modifications as the need for training arises, and can expand to add more features as your company grows. Ideally, an LMS should work, as well as have “the works”, so it can adapt to an ever-changing list of needs. We always say, it’s not only the students who need to do their homework, the instructors do as well. Don’t fall for gimmicks or jump at the first platform you find. Deliberation is key. Getting stuck with an ill-fitting LMS platform is like attempting to wear a suit that doesn’t quite fit.

Coggno Allows You to Craft Your Own LMS

Coggno is at the forefront of online learning, offering individuals and businesses quality coursework in a wide variety of areas. Our goal is to partner with anyone interested in obtaining a quality LMS platform, whether in an academic or business setting. We even have courses available for individuals who are interested in them “just because.” The way we see things, learning is not only liberated, it should be tailored specifically for the individual. Regardless of your needs, we invite educators, business owners and individuals to check out all we have to offer. Click here to browse our courses, and contact us if you have any questions.

Free LMS 101: Concepts, Trends, Applications

Learn how to treat your employees well, provide them with opportunities to advance themselves, encourage social behaviors, and empower and support your managers all with learning management systems. BP_Guide-1-1

In this Ebook, we cover:

  1. Keeping Teams Engaged and Happy

  2. The Latest Subjects, Added Quickly

  3. Upskilling and Reskilling Makes Employees Stick Around

  4. Make Learning a Game Whenever Possible

  5. Community Learning Increases Learning Time 30X

  6. Making Online Learning More Interesting & Personal

  7. Managers As the Keys - Using LMS to Help the Whole Team Succeed

  8. Trends and Application in LMS Differ By Age

  9. LMS Training Making Business More Resilient

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