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Aerobic Exercise and Learning System Performance, Pt. 3


Aerobic Exercise and Learning System Performance, Pt. 3

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 18 2009

Medical College of Georgia (MCG) researchers say that less than an hour of daily exercise reduces depressive symptoms and improves self-esteem in overweight children.

The study included 207 overweight, typically sedentary children ages 7-11 randomly assigned to either continue their normal, sedentary routine or exercise for 20 or 40 minutes ever day after their regular school online training systems, for an average of 13 weeks. Those who exercised engaged in after-learning system activities that increased heart rate, like soccer and basketball, jumping rope and running games.

Even though the children’s weight did not change much over the three months, their psychological benefits proved great. “Just by getting up and doing something aerobic, they were changing how they felt about themselves,” says the study’s first author, Dr. Karen Petty.

Students who feel better about themselves will probably perform better in school and pay more attention, Dr. Petty says. MCG is compiling a heap of evidence that suggests that these go hand-in-hand.


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