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An Answer for All Learners: Learning Management System


An Answer for All Learners: Learning Management System

Coggno Inc. | Oct, 23 2009

In the earlier years of the education system, learning was limited to the four walls of a class room; however, Learning Management System has brought about a new concept to teaching. Varieties of teaching methods have been restricted due to teachers who have their preferred teaching style and may not know how to adapt to their students in regards to what works best for their learning capacity. This has left some parents to wonder why their child is not able to understand the curriculum being taught to numerous other students who are able to comprehend the concepts. For other parents they wondered why it was so easy for their child and may worry that they are not being pushed enough intellectually.

A simple answer to this problem? All students have a unique way of learning and with the difficulty in collaboration between teachers and their students learning mannerisms, Learning Management System has created an answer to appeasing all learning methods. It provides numerous courses that appeal to all students whether they are visual, auditory, or kinetic learners. No longer will students fall behind or have difficulties comprehending the curriculum due to an incompatibility with a teachers and learning styles.

Visual learners associate color coding, pictures, graphs or maps to compartmentalizing various lessons and concepts. As a result, some courses have been created into pictures, movies, slides, visual examples that enables visual learners to grasp a concept easier as they associate what they have learn to that picture. The Learning Management System delivers such videos or graphical material to each student’s computer whether it is at home or in class computer implemented courses.

Auditory learners associate learning by sound, sound bites, music, voice over’s, just as if they were listening to a seminar or a lesson. Such resources are available on these e-learning training courses that provide video with sound to ensure that students will not be lost in written material.

Kinetic learners are those who learn better by “doing”. These are the individuals that have to go through the motions to remember a task. For example, when opening a lock, some people may be able to tell you for memory what the combination is to open it, where as “kinetic learners” have to physically turn the knob to remember what their combination is. In response to these learners, Learning Management System contains e-learning courses that implement labs into the curriculums to ensure a student can go through the motions to truly lock down their understanding.

Thousands of content creators work hard to deliver a number of courses to mollify copious learning methods and make learning easier and fun for students. Learning Management System creates a solution for trouble students who are falling behind in school or students that are excelled in their learning capabilities by creating a resource that provides exactly what they need for their education needs in an inexpensive but very effective way.


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