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Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. 2


Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. 2

Coggno Inc. | Feb, 4 2009

LMS courses may be conducive to procrastination, but they also offer an opportunity to be the active, self-motivated person you know you can be. Developing a rhythm with LMS coursework may help you keep on top of other tasks and goals in your life.

If you’re anything like me, you have days or even weeks when you’re less productive or active, and the thought of going for a jog or juggling more than a few commitments a day is mind-boggling. At other times, you’re so busy you hardly have time to sit back and reflect on your day. It’s all about inertia.

Remember Newton’s first law of motion? A body at rest stays at rest, and a body in motion stays in motion.

When staying on top of your LMS coursework–and your life–remember that all you need to do after a period of non-productivity is to begin adding small goals to accomplish throughout each day, and with time, expanding those goals.


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