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Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. 5


Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. 5

Coggno Inc. | Feb, 5 2009

Because students often fail to see the immediate rewards of studying LMS coursework, they may develop delay tactics. One aspect of human nature that contributes to procrastination is temporal discounting.

Temporal discounting refers to our tendency to dismiss or ignore future rewards. For example, if you were offered a choice between a trip to Florida next week and a trip to Thailand next year, you might choose Florida this year. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Florida! Beautiful state.)

Or if you were offered a million dollars today or one million, five hundred tomorrow, you might just choose the million, today. Or if an LMS project is due in two months, you might think there’s no reason to start now–the satisfaction you’ll feel upon its completion is so far in the future, it’s discountable.


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Other causes of procrastination for LMS students are fear of failure, expectation of boredom, and the ambiguity of a task.

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