Career Development Knows No Age Limit


Career Development Knows No Age Limit

Erica Caramol | Mar, 16 2015

Whether you’ve just graduated college, or are looking to make some mid-life modifications, career development in the form of online training courses can augment your education, and give you the skills you need to find a good job.

Today’s technology changes so quickly that it’s not a sign of weakness to admit you need help getting up to speed on the latest software applications and programs that have become necessary in many of today’s jobs. For example, most computers are now running Windows 8.1, which looks and operates much differently than previous iterations. Moreover, many organizations are relying heavily on social media to get information out to the public, and the landscape changes frequently, as many social media sites jockey for top position.

What Makes Online Training So Attractive?

Many people are no longer willing to travel to offsite seminars and training courses, and companies have found that online training is more affordable, and more effective than sending employees to costly seminars. In fact, online training gives both employers and employees the flexibility to establish career development goals at their own pace. A great many online training courses are available at any time, so employers can ask their employees to take a course whenever, wherever, and employees can complete the coursework at their convenience. These courses can also be accessed on smart phones and tablets, so in many cases, commuting time can also be productive time.


Coggno Can Help Get the Ball Rolling

Our vast library of online training courses can help both individuals and organizations get the ball rolling on career development. If you’re looking to make a change, or if your supervisor has suggested some online training in order to enhance your current position, we can help get you started. Courses are available for individual purchase, or you can build your own Learning Management System (LMS) to suit the needs of your entire company. Coggno offers flexibility to all our customers, and we only offer the highest quality online training courses from the most dynamic content creators in the business. For more information, visit

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