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Coggno Learning Management System Integrates Fuze Meeting Webinar Functionality into its Training Solutions


Coggno Learning Management System Integrates Fuze Meeting Webinar Functionality into its Training Solutions

Coggno Inc. | Apr, 28 2011

San Jose and San Francisco, CA (April 27, 2011), Coggno Learning Management System, the premier online distributor of electronic educational and training curriculum, has teamed up with FuzeBox, the global leader in web conferencing and webinar solutions . Coggno will now incorporate FuzeBox’s flagship product, Fuze Meeting, to incorporate online conferencing functionality, enhancing user interface with its vast online learning content marketplace, making it the only entity capable of providing web conferencing capabilities. Coggno users will now be able to take advantage of synchronous HD visual and non-synchronous training options from one convenient source.

The integration of Fuze Meeting webinar technology will allow for seamless and integrated learning platforms, allowing students and trainees to log into one convenient location to participate in seminars or various types of conferences without having to toggle between two or more locations. This reduces confusion and makes for a higher quality educational experience. The collaboration facilitates both a self-paced curriculum and live-learning coursework, due to the user ability to have all interfaces in one central location. Students and trainees will enjoy optimum ease of use through the state-of-the-art technologies Coggno and Fuze Meeting have combined. All users will have the capability to schedule live learning sessions as well as self-paced milestones at their convenience.

Tod Browndorf, Vice President of Content Management at Coggno, commented, “This partnership with FuzeBox provides a powerful resource to training professionals facilitating the scheduling and delivery of live and self-paced training in a totally integrated environment.” Additionally, corporations can expect to enjoy significant savings on travel and training expenses by empowering employees to develop skills in a comfortable, user-friendly environment.

About Coggno
Coggno’s Learning Management System enables all types of organizations to use technology to provide educational services through high-quality online curriculum that is universally accessible. Coggno feature set includes SCORM compliant tools for quick upload, and video tools that facilitates the delivery of a diverse range of learning objects. Coggno delivers content and relevant training courses through state-of-the art technology that allows participants to interact with the educational vehicle. For more information, please visit Coggno

About FuzeBox:
FuzeBox is the global leader in real time visual collaboration applications for millions of end users across various businesses. Its applications – Fuze Meeting and Fuze Messenger allow people to communicate, collaborate and share content from any device, across any network, anywhere in the world. Fuze Meeting is a mobile and web-based collaboration service that features integrated audio conferencing as well as high- definition, synchronized video and image sharing. The company’s technology is based on a real-time visual communications platform that converges telephony, high-definition, synchronized video and image sharing across the enterprise, the web and mobile networks. FuzeBox has been awarded 23 patents and with 42 more pending in the fields of telephony, web and visual media technologies to transform how professionals and individuals communicate.


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