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Coggno Partners with Three new Authors – Flevy, Vado, and SafeWorkday


Coggno Partners with Three new Authors – Flevy, Vado, and SafeWorkday

Erica Caramol | Jan, 18 2017

Coggno is excited to partner with three new authors, Flevy, Vado, and SafeWorkday to bring best in breed courses on business strategy, leadership and management development, and workplace safety respectively.

Courses offered by Flevy, Coggno’s latest partner are developed and used by industry veterans from top-tier management consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte, and Accenture. Clients can leverage Flevy’s library of business frameworks and analysis tools to improve the growth and efficiency of their organization. Flevy has 2000+ courses, covering a wide array of management topics: including Process Improvement, PMI, Lean Management, Strategic Planning, Growth Strategy, among others. Currently, we are offering a flat 30% discount on all the courses available from Flevy till Jan 31, 2017.

We have also partnered with Vado who has received two 2016 Excellence Awards by Elearning Magazine in December. Vado offers over 300 employee soft skills and Management Development learning courses optimized for the mobile learner. Vado’s Leadership Development Learning Track has received the Best of 2016 Excellence Award presented for two years running. In addition, Vado’s Management Development Learning Track won the Excellence award. The award recognizes best-in-class corporate learning and technology solutions.

The third author with whom we have partnered is SafeWorkday which offers quality workplace safety training. SafeWorkday focuses their efforts on creating effective affordable and accessible solutions so that everyone can be trained on workplace safety. SafeWorkday’s courses include First Aid General Awareness, Fire Prevention and Safety, Eye Safety, Electrical Safety and much more.

We are working round the clock to bring you the finest online curriculum at affordable prices. Business is already complicated enough; that’s why we’ve created a powerful eLearning platform to simplify your training requirements. Coggno is an expert at delivering relevant training and we’re experts in the technology associated with that delivery. Coggno delivers best-in-breed training by serving the collective intellectual property of knowledge communities on our innovative eLearning platform. It’s a whole new world of eLearning resources, aggregated, and at your fingertips for immediate delivery.

Free LMS 101: Concepts, Trends, Applications

Learn how to treat your employees well, provide them with opportunities to advance themselves, encourage social behaviors, and empower and support your managers all with learning management systems. BP_Guide-1-1

In this Ebook, we cover:

  1. Keeping Teams Engaged and Happy

  2. The Latest Subjects, Added Quickly

  3. Upskilling and Reskilling Makes Employees Stick Around

  4. Make Learning a Game Whenever Possible

  5. Community Learning Increases Learning Time 30X

  6. Making Online Learning More Interesting & Personal

  7. Managers As the Keys - Using LMS to Help the Whole Team Succeed

  8. Trends and Application in LMS Differ By Age

  9. LMS Training Making Business More Resilient

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