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Coggno Training University

coggno training university

Coggno Training University

Tod Browndorf | Aug, 3 2016

We built Coggno because after years of experience in the industry we’ve learned some simple facts, facts that can turn an organizations’ HR department from a cost center to a COST SAVING CENTER.

Organizations often purchase subscription based training from training vendors. Subscriptions that “appear” to be a good deal.

However, when organizations purchase subscription based training for their workforce, in 70% of the instances, 2/3 of their employees never actually take the courses purchased.

So while a one-price subscription model may seem cheap, in fact, it is not.

Example: A company with 2,200 employees may purchase an annual subscription to 10 courses for about $17 per employee, which works out to $37,400.

Consider though, that industry standards indicate that only 1/3 of the employees take the 12 courses in the subscription, and in 55% of the cases those that do train, only take 31% of the courses available. Which means the real cost of the training is actually $48-$66 per trainee.

By using the Coggno Training University an organization can capture real savings.

  1. Employees only enroll in courses they commit to taking
  2. Organizations only pay for courses actually enrolled in

So for example, say 1/3 of those 2,200 employees, 726, become enrolled in actual courses, for example 2 each. And the company takes advantage of the 30% savings off courses making an average course price $7.00. A company would be paying $10,164 for training they otherwise would have paid $37,000 for.

Additional savings can be realized when you take the cost of money into account.

By using the Coggno Training University as your Training Center, to train employees as needed, and purchasing the courses on a rolling basis, rather than in a lump sum, upfront, an organization is not compelled to tie up funds that can be best allocated elsewhere.

So employing the Coggno Training University model, you save money upfront, and in the backend as well.

Contact a Coggno Training University advisor to schedule a 10 minute demo and get started, free.


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