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Coggno’s LMS Just Got Flashier: Introducing Flash-Based eLearning with Rapid Intake Unison


Coggno’s LMS Just Got Flashier: Introducing Flash-Based eLearning with Rapid Intake Unison

Coggno Inc. | May, 22 2009

Are you seeking effective, flexible and creative tools for your LMS online training or eLearning course? Coggno’s feature-rich course creation toolkit just became even more versatile.

This week Coggno teamed up with Rapid Intake Unison, online software that allows course creators to build Flash-based eLearning courses.

Rapid Intake Unison allows course developers and subject matter experts to capture, storyboard, develop, review, test, and publish Flash-based learning content.

But Rapid Intake Unison makes it exceedingly simple–users don’t actually need to know Flash. All a user has to do is fill out form-based templates to create interactive Flash-based courses, tests, quizzes, learning games, demos and simulations.

Advanced users and groups can create reusable custom templates using the Flash source code (.fla). And like Coggno’s LMS and course creation toolkit, all output is SCORM compliant, rich-media compatible, and runs on most browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Rapid’s tools combined with the Coggno delivery platform allow eLearning developers to create richer courses with easy distribution and reporting.

Coggno’s new Applications Exchance partnership reflects the growing understanding in the eLearning industry that the parts combined are greater than one alone; joining forces provides the best solution. Working together works.

The App Exchange model of partnering and vending of software solutions not only facilitates better performance, but brings together the collective power of combined software skills and know-how–a model that Coggno believes is the future.

Coggno’s LMS toolkit, which includes a text editor, SCORM Publisher, question banking, video, quiz and assessment tools, enables organizations to provide rich, multi-media online training course at a low cost. Additionally, Coggno’s LMS follows a pay per use model, and requires no up front costs to create and deploy training.

All eLearning content created with Rapid Intake Unison can be used and distributed “royalty-free”. The software is integrated seamlessly with Coggno’s SCORM learning management system, and was ranked #1 in the eLearning Guild Market Research Survey.

Rapid Intake Unison allows all subject matter experts, designers, and reviewers to work collaboratively on eLearning content through a secure web interface that provides easy-to-use tools.

Coggno’s features combined with the robust applications integrated with Coggno’s LMS, such as BB FlashBack screen recordings and Rapid Intake Unison, provide a powerful course development toolkit packed with increasingly versatile options.


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