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Coggno’s New UI Offers Compact and User-Friendly Course Creation


Coggno’s New UI Offers Compact and User-Friendly Course Creation

Coggno Inc. | May, 8 2009

An easy-to-use, robust UI (User Interface) isn’t easy to come by in LMS online course creators. Many organizations and training programs still rely on IT help to design and deliver courses and training.

A problem that continues to plague the software industry is that program designers are often masters of engineering and programming, but lacking in other areas, like human psychology. It’s a sad truth that the industry is driven largely by profits and the ability to offer cutting-edge technology. Even if that technology isn’t exactly easy to manage.

In times like this, even finding a user-friendly interface can be a challenge.

LMS online courses and course creation tools can likewise suffer from this quandary. Some LMSs are extremely well developed, created by people who understand how to design technology based on human behavior, and meeting high standards. But weak, unattractive, confusing courseware continues to prevent more effective and widespread online learning.

According to the ASTD and the eLearning Guild, LMS buyers express general dissatisfaction with many LMS products on the market. They also noted problems including high prices, the need for IT support, integration, and customization.

Those who work daily with an LMS give significantly lower satisfaction ratings than the directors and managers who receive the results and reports.

There are a few major shortcomings for the elearning industry to overcome, and opportunities for smaller product vendors to tackle problems and compete in the rapidly growing market. An LMS is a complicated tool, but it doesn’t need to be complicated to use. It simply requires a great deal of attention to accessibility in its design.

Luckily, some LMS online training systems are perking their ears to the voices of consumers.

Coggno’s online LMS has always been easy to use, but with its new UI courses are practically designed and delivered on their own.

Faster reaction times, instant upload of users from spreadsheets, and user access codes allow the fast and breezy creation of online training.

Another new feature to Coggno’s LMS enables signup based on a secret code the administrator distributes. So there’s no need to send invitations. The administrator tells everyone to log on, and they are able to access the LMS based on the code.

Putting your courseware system on the market doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, free online course syndicator for your courseware system, enter Coggno.

Coggno allows you to create and brand your unique and sophisticated courseware system.

Coggno’s user-friendly, flexible, straightforward user interface is a breeze to navigate and you’ll be walked through every step of your course creation. Entering Coggno’s website, you’ll find a variety of features including the SCORM publisher, text and video tools, question bank, quiz, template and assessment tools. Take a video tour of each of the tools to find out just how easy designing and delivering putting LMS online human resourse course can be.


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