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Coggno’s Pay Per Use LMS Provides a Fresh and Customizable Learning Management System


Coggno’s Pay Per Use LMS Provides a Fresh and Customizable Learning Management System

Coggno Inc. | May, 5 2009

Coggno’s pay per use LMS addresses content-based learning on a needs basis. Too often, people receive training they don’t require, or training that’s outdated and irrelevant. Coggno’s pay per use LMS offers exactly the services needed by an organization.

“Many organizations sign on for monthly contracts, but find they never create and push out as much content as they originally thought,” says Coggno VP Tod Browndorf. “Time goes by and their net costs are much higher. With Coggno, you can create your own training and deploy it as you need to.”

This kind of system calls to mind buying produce at the market. Like most people, I would never buy something canned or frozen that is available fresh and in season. Who would dream of buying canned corn when sweet summer corn is cheap and abundant?

Of course, it’s best to consume fresh produce while they’re fresh, and buy as needed. Rather than buying a truck-full of fresh strawberries, most people buy on a needs basis. After all, in just a couple of months, it’ll be apple season.

Just like produce, all training has a shelf life. Because of changes in procedures, technology, people, etc., applicable training is constantly changing. Coggno’s pay per use LMS tools make it easy to load and reload as required for relevant academic training courses. And because you’re only obligated to pay for training as needed, you can reinvent it as it evolves.

Just as it’s best to buy fresh produce to consume as soon as possible, fresh and relevant training should be obtained on a needs basis.

With Coggno’s pay per use LMS, you can make training your own. Uploading your training material to Coggno, you’ll have the option to brand your content with your own logo and color scheme. Creating a unified and interesting theme will attract your learners’ attention and aid them in their learning process.

Your user interface design should give your courseware system a unique look that’s easy to navigate and read. It might be a 3D learning environment, a 2D animated interface, or a professional business-style interface. As always, it’s essential to consider your audience.

Coggno’s tools have a very easy UI (user interface), so a company does not need a technical person to use them to create and deploy. Coggno’s intuitive and straightforward user interface is both robust and flexible.

Coggno’s online learning marketplace was created to facilitate the fast and effective transfer of knowledge. The Coggno pay per use LMS provides robust tools such as text editor, question bank, video, podcast creator, assessment and quiz tools.

“In addition, Coggno is constantly updating and releasing training versions,” says Browndorf, “so our platform–that is, software as a service model–will always keep you current.”

With Coggno’s learning management system you are able to choose from a variety of formats from quick courses to more intense and extended workshops, so you can acquire skills when you need them, in as short a time as you require. Coggno’s pay per use LMS allows visitors to access a spectrum of training material designed by hundreds of educators and experts.

But best of all, Coggno’s pay per use LMS requires no up front costs to create and deploy your own online training courses.


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