Common Human Resources Management Challenges: Online Training is a Major Player


Common Human Resources Management Challenges: Online Training is a Major Player

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 6 2011

Many changes have encompassed human resource management courses over the years, but today present major challenges, especially as it relates to online training and online training courses. One of the challenges those responsible for training new and existing employees meet is the methodology of the training. While there are methods of “testing” that have been used for many generations to help human resources managers make the right hiring decisions, those methods are no longer effective in today’s market. In fact, when it comes to hiring new employees, assessments rather than tests are becoming more common and are a more accurate measure of a potential employee’s worth to your company.

One of the major problems with tests is there is no gray area: the applicant either passes or fails. This does not give the company any kind of measure of that individual applicant’s potential worth to the company in a unique way. On the other hand, assessments—a more accurate type of online training—provide information about the person in general. This doesn’t mean that online training courses are not helpful in their own way, but they are not very helpful when it comes to evaluating a potential employee’s personality and how that person might fit in with others within the company.

No matter what type of job you may have, your job requirements are certainly beyond those that fit into your job description. It is within the capacity of these job functions that training becomes more advantageous. For example, an administrative assistant may need to exercise tact and diplomacy when dealing with unhappy customers or clients, and while these employees can certain learn these skills through training the company will benefit more if they hire someone who already possesses those qualities.

When an employee’s job duties directly conflict with their natural characteristics, it causes stress and tension. This stress and tension these employees place on themselves can lead to conflicts within the organization and employee burnout. No amount of online training or online human resource training courses will successfully train most people to think and act in a different way than they learned from birth. Certainly you can teach people leadership skills, but to attempt to teach them tact, diplomacy, assertiveness, compassion or other personality traits they may need for their specific job functions can only create partial success and in the process create employees that are unhappy, tense and lack motivation and company loyalty.

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