Connected Learning Needs a Connected Partner


Connected Learning Needs a Connected Partner

Erica Caramol | Aug, 15 2012

It’s no secret that “connected learning” is something all educators need to embrace. The problem is, as many experts have commented, is getting kids to care about what they learn, rather than just quantifying the results. In order to accomplish that, educators are looking for ways to engage their students, with many of them trying out new formats and ways to turn results-driven students into ones that actually care about the material they are learning.

Researchers at the recent Digital Media and Learning Conference in San Francisco pointed out that for learning to be effective, it needs to be “interest-driven and reinforced in the different contexts of kids lives by parents, educators, and knowledgeable peers.” This means that teachers are not the only individuals responsible for teaching our children. In the information age, education can and must take many different forms.

Connected Learning is ” when you are pursuing knowledge and expertise around something you care deeply about, and you’re supported by friends and institutions who share and recognize this common passion or purpose”.

“Connected learning is a necessity in this digital age. More and more of our students learning, attention, and access to information is taking place outside of classrooms and through online networks and exchanges. Connected learning, however, can help them cultivate the skills necessary for fulfilling adult lives and careers and that formal instruction alone could not afford.”

Connected Learning Cannot Do It Alone

As we become more willing to embrace the Internet as a source for quality education, the need for quality partnerships increases. Many staid universities are taking baby steps into the world of online learning, while others are going at it full boar, offering everything from certificates to Ph.D.s online. We’ve said it before and it bears repeating: Every student, from kindergarten to seniors needs to be aware of where their educational materials are coming from. The same goes for businesses who are considering the use of learning management systems to train employees. Remember, if it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Coggno is at the forefront of online learning, offering individuals and businesses quality coursework in a wide variety of areas. Our goal is to partner with anyone interested in connected learning, whether in an academic or business setting. We even have online training courses available for individuals who are interested in them “just because.” The way we see things, learning is not only liberated, it’s a lifelong endeavor. And, you learn in many different settings, not just in a classroom.

Regardless of your needs, we invite educators, business owners and individuals to check out all we have to offer. After all, to be “connected” is to be aware. And if you’re not aware of all Coggno can do for you, you’re not really connected!

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