Content Creators are Encouraged to Offer Coupons for Their Courses


Content Creators are Encouraged to Offer Coupons for Their Courses

Coggno Inc. | Jul, 21 2011


One of the perks of listing your course offerings on Coggno is that you retain control over your material. You can remove, update and add new material whenever you choose through your account. We encourage all our contributors to price their courses or Learning Management Systems as they see fit. It is also appropriate to offer the occasional coupon; these days, there are deals on almost everything that can be purchased online, including training courses. Why not give your learners value in addition to the information they need?

Why Offer a Discount?

The most important way to spread the word to your target audience is to create buzz. Think about the many coupon or “deal” sites like Groupon and Living Social that are so popular now. Instead of offering a discount on yoga classes or sushi, you’re offering a deal on valuable tools that will encourage people to hone their current skills or acquire some new ones. Offering a coupon makes your material look more attractive and gives learners more incentive when they see they are getting a deal on the courses they want or need.

You Decide How You Want to Market Your Courses

Coggno offers all our content creators the ability to sell their courses to anyone, or as a branded Learning Management System. Selling to anyone gives you the ability to reach a wider audience, giving you the opportunity for greater exposure. That exposure has the potential to increase sales; the more courses you sell, the better you’ll be able to price them. You can help generate that interest by creating coupons for your courses. The discount amount you offer is completely up to you.

How Can I Create Coupons?

Coggno gives its content creators complete autonomy to create coupons. Your account contains a coupon feature that will allow you to create coupons for materials for sale in the marketplace. You can create discounts based on single and volume purchases, as well as purchase-with-purchase deals, and single purchases. You create your deals based on whatever it is you’d like to move. Maybe you have a newer version of a course coming out, or there is time sensitive material being offered that is close to expiring. Whatever the reason, Coggno gives you the opportunity to price your offerings as you see fit and offer coupon incentives whenever you choose.

Everyone Loves a Deal

Let’s face it; we’re always looking for deals whether it’s at the supermarket, the mall, or online. Education is expensive enough, and if we can get a few bucks off on our courses, we’re going to take advantage of a coupon. Think about creating coupons for a course or two and see what happens. We scour the Internet for deals for everything else, why not education? There’s no better feeling than gaining knowledge; getting it at a discount makes learners feel even more empowered.

For more information about coupon creation, sign in to your account and click on the “Marketplace” tab to get started.

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