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Cover All the Bases with Online Training as a Resource for Company Safety Compliance


Cover All the Bases with Online Training as a Resource for Company Safety Compliance

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 27 2011

These days, every time you turn around there is yet another training course necessary to ensure workplace safety. It has become almost impossible to gather every single employee into a conference room to get them to view boring videos about safety compliance. Federal regulations make it imperative for each and every employee to view and understand safety precautions. Now, you can avoid a roomful of impatient employees, or worse – the thumping of heads hitting the table in abject boredom – by providing online training as a sensible alternative to traditional safety compliance training.

There is a wealth of topics that need to be covered when it comes to workplace safety training. They run the gamut from blood-borne pathogens to workplace violence. The process starts with picking and choosing the ones that are relevant for your particular company, and having employees view those which are the most valuable. For example, every employee should know how to perform CPR, and other First Aid basics. Emergency planning has become a popular topic, especially in high-rise structures in major urban centers. You can never be “too prepared” for an emergency, and the more you know, the better off you’ll be when a crisis or emergency arises. Online training provides the convenience of allowing your employees to devise their own game plan. No more large gatherings or set times to adhere to; they can take part in Webinars that suit their schedules, or download material from home. There are even interactive online courses that will prevent any snoozing on the job. After all, safety should never be taken for granted; even if learning about it is as boring as watching paint dry. You never know when you’ll need that knowledge, and after all, learning should always be fun.

Online training can not only educate your employees, it can also save you money. If your organization has multiple locations spread out across the country, Webinars and other types of conferences can be arranged so that regional employees can take part at the same time without the need for expensive travel arrangements. No more cancellations because of bad weather, or worrying about exorbitant airline tickets. As long as your employees have access to a high speed Internet connection, a computer or other electronic device, online training is a slam-dunk.

There is no better time to put technology to work for you. Check out the many online safety training options available for company safety compliance. Your employees and your chief financial officer will thank you.


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