Creating a More Marketable You with LMS Online Learning


Creating a More Marketable You with LMS Online Learning

Coggno Inc. | Apr, 20 2010

Despite the media telling us that the economy is stabilizing, we all know many people are still jobless or working in a position that isn’t up to their standards, simply for fear that finding something better will be impossible. What do many people do at a time like this? They go back to school and cultivate some skills, so that when jobs begin pouring into the economy again, they’re are ready to snag a great one.

Consider picking up a vocational or other online course to increase your skills and become more valuable in the marketplace. Become more tech-savvy. LMS (Learning Management System) online programs are available in a wide range of career fields, and their self-paced format is designed fit to your life. If you are working as a service provider in an outsourced position, you may consider expanding your resume and offering a wider variety of services, or an altogether new service. Or, you may learn how to further develop the skills you already have.

These days, educational systems are increasingly preparing students for a tech-infused workplace. And as more institutions use LMS courses, such software has developed in sophistication. In some instances, educational software begins to look more game-like in its interactivity, and fun-to-use tools and interfaces.

Educational software with game-like characteristics (such as virtual worlds) has begun to creep into higher education and the professional world. For example, some universities have either begun to implement, or are making plans to integrate, a virtual world into their education systems. And research firm eMarketer reports that 24% of the 34.3 million internet users under age 19 use virtual worlds at least once a month, a figure that they predict will jump to 53% by 2011.

As more students gain experience with e-learning, and as online education becomes more sophisticated, their experience becomes more easily translated into a professional setting. And given the benefits that studying online and collaboratively with an LMS provides students, more schools are seeking out and integrating advanced technology. As a result, more and more young people graduate high school prepared not only for more education, but for an increasingly competitive job market which values ICT skills more and more each day.

However, most students are still graduating high school with little idea of what they want to do with their lives. Furthermore, many students graduate from university with the same problem. It often takes years of working in different jobs to decide what you like best, and this is when many people decide to gain more education.

Unless you are in your twenties or younger, you may not have had a great deal of experience with online education. High school didn’t prepare my generation for the business world as directly as it does today, and for this reason, now might be a good time to increase your value in the workplace by taking online vocational training.

More and more colleges and universities, technical schools and institutes are answering the call for online education. Courses provided online allow students to work towards certifications and degrees. In some cases, they also supplement face-to-face learning.

Vocational courses are related to a particular skill or kind of work. Students complete a series of tasks and assignments which prepare them for real work experience. Certification programs include a variety of professional fields including like social care, health care and childcare; hospitality and catering; leisure and tourism; media and design; construction; business; information technology; and animal care. Vocational courses traverse a vast landscape of professional possibilities.

Coggno is one LMS with a simple interface and a variety of professional skill-building online training courses.

Enter Coggno’s marketplace and discover LMS online courses for cultivating your professional skills. For a limited time, Coggno is offering a free trial on their Learning Management System.

Furthering your skills might involve enrollment in a technical or community college program, an online certification course, or an LMS training program. Regardless of form your studies take, developing your skills is the first step on your path to new and better employment opportunities.  Take advantage of the flexibility offered by online courses to gain the skills and/or certification that will take you where you want to be.

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