Don’t Go with the Flow–Create it–and Watch Performance Soar


Don’t Go with the Flow–Create it–and Watch Performance Soar

Don't Go with the Flow--Create it--and Watch Performance SoarHow can you create a positive atmosphere in your workplace and provide LMS training that is effective, stimulating, and prompts  a sense of “flow” that boosts performance?

In Csikszentmihalyi’s studies, he found that one major preoccupation that prevented people from enjoying what they are doing is how they appear to others, or what others might think about them. As Doctor Phil has said many times (love or hate him, he has some great things to say about human behavior), one thing that unites humankind is the fear that we don’t measure up. Everyone feels this way at one time or another, and the kind of workplace and training that are present in a person’s life have a great deal to do with the strength of this feeling. It can affect performance in ways that managers don’t even imagine. If a worker feels underestimated, unchallenged, or bored, he or she is unlikely to perform to the optimal capacity.

Achieving a sense of flow in one’s work involves rising above such constraints. What are the elements of the flow? First, feeling totally involved or focused, which is due to natural curiosity of the result of good training. Second is a feeling of inner clarity; knowing what must be done, and an awareness of how well it is going. The third element is a knowledge that the activity is doable, and that one’s skills are adequate. Fourth, timeliness (ignoring ego and time) and fifth, intrinsic motivation; the flow becomes its own reward. Most elements of the flow are direct results of strong LMS training, which helps not only to boost performance, but employees’ satisfaction in their jobs and their lives.

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