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Education Turning to the Web: Learning Management System an Answer to an Education Crisis


Education Turning to the Web: Learning Management System an Answer to an Education Crisis

Coggno Inc. | Oct, 20 2009

The learning management system is evolving into an indispensible resource. With the economy plummeting, and H1N1 virus hitting hard, continuity of education has become difficult among students ranging from Grade School to the Universities. With Star testing and New  Standardize reports that just came out stating that proficiency in mathematics within our schools are at a record low, has California worried. Due to courses and programs being cut from our schools’ curriculum and more teaching jobs terminated to appease budget issues, our students have had to deal with a compromised education. The No Child Left Behind Law (NCLB) Act of 2001, is an assessment on whether or not our public school systems are making the necessary progression to advance their students to the next level. If standards are not met this could potentially mean major repercussions for California’s school system.

Answers are being sought after as to how we can provide an alternative in the education system to alleviate the budget crisis in California, and not sacrifice the quality of content or standard of teaching. Learning management system (LMS) provides a solution to this problem by providing students with cost efficient software delivering content to students and establishing a way to track their learning and their progress within each course. Exposure to the web and technological advances could potentially stimulate a student’s desire to learn and increase their comprehension in many different areas of studies.

Not only does a learning management system provide answers to budget issues and learning content but creates a creative way to keep students safe from the epidemic of the H1N1 virus. School districts no longer need to worry about their students falling farther behind in their curriculum or exceeding over regulated free days due to their schools shutting down in precaution to this epidemic. They can now look into holding class in the comfort and safety of their own home as they participate in distant learning. Such tools such as online training can potentially increase the effectiveness in how they learn as it also provides options that comply to visual, auditory, and kinetic learners. Various Specialty Colleges and Universities have already established successful distant learning program that provides their students with an extensive curriculum and a way to advance their education. Such programs can successfully be implemented into our schools.

California has teamed up with numerous programs granting millions of dollars devoted solely to the education systems, but at this point in time how can we best utilize those funds to ensure that our students are not set up for failure but rather set on the road to higher education. The Government is starting to put their faith in the learning management system as they have already gifted grants to various organizations that enable them to introduce distant or online training courses within some schools. Hope of furthering education among all students and creating an opportunity for a greater future is a goal worth striving for and can be achieved with an open mind to alternatives.


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