Employee Development Drives Retention


Employee Development Drives Retention

Erica Caramol | Nov, 7 2014

In a recent poll, 100% of respondents indicated that employee development can lower employee turnover.  If 100% of respondents feel offering employees the opportunity to develop their careers and develop their skills and competencies in order to meet their future career aspirations, why aren’t more companies offering their employees development opportunities?

Especially when the research shows that one of the drivers of turnover is lack of development.  In independent studies by both Hay Group and Kenexa, they both showed that 30% of employees leave due to lack of professional development.  If HR and T&D leaders know that they can lower turnover by offering professional development and employees are indeed leaving due to lack of development, why aren’t companies offering their employees more employee and career development opportunities?

Perhaps, they don’t know what to do.  There are a number of simple answers:

  • Provide employees with off the shelf, e-learning courses that will help them identify career aspirations and create a development plan to meet their career goals
  • Provide employees with training on the company’s internal job posting system so they know what opportunities are available and what skills and competencies are required
  • Provide employees with off the shelf, e-learning courses aligned to your organization’s competencies

Vado offers 300 employee soft skill development and management development courses.

Contributing Author:

Cindy Pascale is the CEO and co-founder of Vado and has 16+ years of HR, Training & Development and OD leadership experience and 12 years running talent management, development and assessment companies. Vado is the e-learning courseware provider ‘changing the face of learning’.

If you’re interested to know more about Vado and their courses, please be sure to visit and check out Vado’s webshop.

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