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Enhance Your Common Sense with Online Training Courses for Safety


Enhance Your Common Sense with Online Training Courses for Safety

Coggno Inc. | Apr, 3 2011

Everybody knows that accidents happen. We never intend to cause one, or become a statistic when it comes to illustrating the importance of safety practices. There are many ways to avoid common workplace hazards, but many times, we’re just too distracted to take the proper precautions. Our employers tend to take two common approaches: the first is to scare us into becoming complaint; the other is to disguise a serious message with what they perceive as funny, “slap-stick” style safety training videos. Yes, some of them are genuinely amusing, but ultimately, they’re just flat-out boring. What we really need to do is take responsibility for our own safety by stressing common sense, and utilizing online training courses that are convenient for employees to view. Plus, they’re more cost effective than having to hire a fancy marketing company and some out-of-work actors to make them yourself.

Just one “Google” of “fun safety training” will yield more cheese than you’ll find on a dairy farm, and possibly in the entire country of France. Yes, some of those clips get big laughs, but if employees aren’t going to take them seriously, then what’s the point? Same goes for the graphic, gory stuff; you’ll never find a single person viewing those who will think, gee, that’s really gonna happen to me if I’m not careful. Instead, appeal to the common denominator we all need to pay more attention to: common sense.

Online training courses for safety are an intelligent alternative for many reasons. First of all, they’re inexpensive; you don’t need to gather up all your employees in one central location to go over safety procedures. Second, you’ll find many different types of online training courses that are tailored to different situations. Third, employees can participate in online training at their own pace and at their convenience. Just the mention of cost cutting, job elimination and attrition will make anyone want to dive under their desk. Don’t give employees any reason to be viewed as slackers. Give them a project that will accomplish an important task without making it seem like a waste of time. It’s a common sense solution to a common sense problem.

Don’t wait until your top account executive is concussed by a file cabinet. Check out some of the Webinars, Podcasts and other forms of online training courses that are available. You’ll never be able to totally eliminate accidents in the workplace, but you’ll never be able to say you weren’t warned…


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