Get Weducated with LMS Wedding Planner Courses


Get Weducated with LMS Wedding Planner Courses

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 16 2011

Get Weducated with LMS Wedding Planner Courses

As I wrote in a recent post, LMS certifications in wedding planning are on the rise due to an increasing interest in customized weddings.

How many times have you been to a particularly unique or creative wedding? Or flipped through a Facebook album (perhaps of someone you don’t even know directly) of a wedding that caught your attention?

Customized, creative weddings are all the rage and more and more soon-to-be-married couples have their own wedding ideas that they would like help fleshing out. Many also don’t have a specific idea, but would like some help figuring out what their perfect wedding would be. This is where wedding planners come in, and the reason why LMS wedding planning certification is an increasingly popular endeavor in the U.S..

One example of a customized wedding I recently attended was what I’ll call a “green wedding”. It took place near Burlington, Vermont, on a hill with a beautiful view. At the reception, all plates and cutlery were compostable. Drinks were organic and their provenance was local breweries and wineries. The food was mouth-wateringly delicious, and the pig they roasted came from a local organic farm which uses free range and humane practices. Actually, local and organic were two characteristics applicable nearly to everything, from the table clothes to the fruits and vegetables. Wedding favors for the guests, pots of oregano, basil and other herbs, also served simply and beautifully as the table centerpieces.

During the ceremony, the bride and groom’s spiritual beliefs were written into their vows, and their attire was symbolic as well, straying purposely from the traditional white gown and tuxedo. In short, everything was customized and in line with the bride and groom’s beliefs.

My friend, the bride, is now considering an LMS certification in wedding planning—or creating an LMS course herself, since she now has the experience of planning her own wedding under her belt. In fact, her then fiancé had twisted an ankle during an ultimate frisbee match the week before, leaving my friend in charge of instructing the wedding help and calling most of the shots concerning the details.

Wedding planning, the affair of managing, coordinating and planning a wedding, is something that people are increasingly paying for in order to truly enjoy a non-stressful wedding. Although my friend claims she enjoyed her wedding, she also admits she was totally overwhelmed with all the details, and was happy when it ended.
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