How to Pick the Best Online Human Resource Training Program

human resource training program

How to Pick the Best Online Human Resource Training Program

Rochelle van Rensburg | Aug, 9 2019

Human Resource is often the department that is looked down upon in every sector. Many believe that it doesn’t have any relevance in their company, while others think it cannot generate a direct ROI. But experts will say that it is one of the trickiest job role one could get involve in. After all, companies are nothing but a group of people, and hiring, retaining, and organization them is a task easier said than done. Many companies realize this down the road, and to catch up with the negligence, they look up to online Human Resource Training program. While there are hundreds, if not thousands of online courses to choose from, how would you pick the best of the best?

Follow these 6 simple test to find the ultimate pick for your business.

  1. Expertise and reputation of Instructor or Instructors

When you’re receiving training for something from someone, you ought to make sure that you’re receiving it from the right person who knows and understands what he is speaking. Therefore, expertise should be the first factor you need to consider while evaluating Human Resource Training program for your business. As a rule of thumb, the instructor (or instructors) should have close to a decade of experience both working and instructing in the HR sector, because that’s the only way they know the ins and outs of a subject. Many online programs have preview option, where you get a introduction of what you’re going to learn and from whom. This is a good section to evaluate his/their expertise.

Reputation is how well they’re faring with their course, are people getting the most out of it, is what they’re teaching outdated? Reviews and comments about the instructor reveals much about this.

  1. Team’s Competence and Course Difficulty Level Match

E-learning is like a vast ocean with countless number of things floating around. When you set out to choose human resources certification training for your business, it’s important to understand at what level your own employees stand at, and then backtrack to a course that’s more suitable for them. For example, in Coggno alone, there are HR training courses for absolute beginners, and also for seasoned professionals with wealth of experience. Every course won’t be a good fit for your business. Therefore, there should be a match between your employee’s current skill set and course’s teaching level.

  1. Specific Skills Taught

At times, businesses need to acquire a specific skill set for their organization, which matters more than the overall training course offered. Human Resource subject is made up many different modules that range from hiring to employee retention to workplace compliance to gender diversity. Furthermore, there are industries where a certain topic matters more than others. So when looking out for Human Resource training program, make sure that it is covering the topic that you’re looking for, preferably, in depth if not in the entirety of the course.

  1. Training Materials and Coursework

After going through the lectures, some practical work can elevate the learning experience. Coursework is where you (and your team) gets a chance to get their hands dirty. Training materials summarize everything into either a sheet or a PDF document which makes memorizing easier. On the other hand, coursework or practice sets force team members to use their learning experience and apply it to real world cases.

Both of these are equally important and should be part of all online training courses. During the course hunting process, you should pay attention to how much of the offered training consists of practical sets. The more, the better.

  1. Offline Mode

Online trainings are intended to be delivered online via the internet. While it offers great flexible, there are certain instances where it gets limited in its approach. For example, it’ll be unable to serve students where there isn’t a good internet connection, or they’ve exceeded their data cap for the day.

Even though the entire course will be delivered on office premise, employees should have the option to access the lectures wherever they want — which truly makes a product flexible. Therefore, offline viewing ability for Human Resource certification courses will really be like an icing on the cake.

While it’s not a prime necessity, but definitely good to have. It’s not something that should be considered before quality and team-course level compatibility.

  1. Pricing

Lastly, your budget and price of a course does play a role in deciding which training program to choose for your business. For example, in Coggno, there are courses which are free of cost while others come at a hefty price tag. But the best part is generally heavy discounts are offered when you’re placing an order in bulk. Which means the more team members you need to train, the lower will be the overall price billed to your company.

Before settling on one, it’s better to compare the prices of all the available options. While it would be unjust to settle for the cheapest one, you should go for the one that offers the maximum value to your organization.

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