How To Prevent Workplace Harassment


How To Prevent Workplace Harassment

Erica Caramol | Dec, 21 2015

Workplace harassment is behavior, conduct, actions and statements made to or about an individual or a group of individuals, which creates an uncomfortable work environment. Anti-discrimination laws address harassment in regulations that prohibit discriminatory employment practices. A hostile work environment is an allegation usually made when an employee complains of harassment.

Here are some steps that can help prevent workplace harassment. It is important to ensure that all employees are clear on any procedural implementations.

 Step 1

Write a policy that describes different forms of harassment and, if possible, provide scenarios to further explain what happens when bothersome conduct becomes harassment.

Step 2

Call your company’s attorney for professional legal advice on your written policy. Ask him or her to review the policy and ensure the policy clearly defines harassment in accordance with federal, state and local employment laws. (Know more about bridging documents)

Step 3

Speak to your human resources department about specifically addressing questions about workplace harassment. Make sure HR professionals speak to employees on all levels, from warehouse and office workers to supervisors, and management. All employees should have copies of your company’s anti-harassment policy. Make them sign for them as proof that they received them.

Step 4

Act immediately to investigate complaints of harassment. Harassment claims that are not fully investigated immediately often go on to become lawsuits, which can cost significantly more in the way of time and money.

Step 5

Revise your employee handbook to include your company’s position on workplace harassment. HR professionals suggest that policy statements be revised periodically. Ensure the policy is always consistent with employment laws and applicable legislative changes. If your anti-harassment policy statement was not previously a part of your employee handbook, produce new handbooks and distribute them to your entire work force.

Step 6

Consider online training. Online training has replaced costly off-site seminars in many areas, but especially when it comes to educating employees on workplace harassment, There are many online training providers that can effectively educate your entire work force without breaking the bank or sacrificing productivity.

Online training can educate all employees on what constitutes sexual harassment training, bullying and other forms of troubling workplace behavior. The software can easily be accessed through proprietary learning management systems, as well as online, making online training more convenient and more effective.

Coggno has an extensive library of anti-harassment courses that are suitable for all types of businesses. Employees will be able to complete the training at their own pace, wherever, and whenever they’d like. The courses can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and even smartphones, as long as there is an available high-speed Internet connection.

The convenience of online training will motivate employees to learn more effectively, and implement what they learn in order to detect and prevent harassment. Moreover, supervisors and management will be able to keep track of employees’ progress through our training management systems to ensure they are benefiting from the courses.

For more information, and to view the library of anti-harassment courses, visit now.



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