It’s Time to Take Your Learning Management System Global


It’s Time to Take Your Learning Management System Global

Coggno Inc. | Jun, 23 2011

Last month, Coggno announced the deployment of Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and German languages into our Learning Management System software. Now is the time to think globally, not locally when it comes to learning. Giving non-English speaking and bilingual employees in international locations (or even those in the U.S.) the ability to learn in their native languages is a win-win for everyone.

Why Should I Consider Global LMS for My Organization?

Having foreign language capabilities in your Learning management system provides bilingual employees, as well as those who are native speakers of the above mentioned languages, to learn new material in their mother tongue, at a pace they feel comfortable with. We native English speakers don’t realize how difficult it is to learn a different language, especially as adults. Individuals may feel comfortable speaking English conversationally, but when it comes to learning, they will be better able to comprehend the material in their native language.

Is it Difficult to Integrate Additional Languages into My LMS?

Not at all. You still get the same conveniences regardless of language. Employees anywhere in the world with access to a high-speed Internet connection can log in to access materials in any available language. All types of materials can be made available in your languages of choice including skills assessment, certifications and even testing to ensure that employees are learning what they need to know to become more productive and efficient.

Global LMS Saves on Travel Expenses

If you’re part of an international organization, bringing employees together from all over the world is a pretty hefty expense. You can save big on traveling costs by giving international employees the opportunity to participate in training from their home countries, without the hassle of flying them halfway around the world to participate in seminars and skills development sessions. It can all be done online in a language of choice, at their own pace.

Management, Administration and Employees Can Participate

Students and Employees have the ability to pick and choose their courses, and auto-enrolment can also be provided based on job descriptions. Managers and supervisors are kept apprised of a student’s progress, and administrators can modify, create and manage materials to suit their needs. Testing and report generation are available no matter which language you choose to work in.

Give a Boost of Confidence to Your Employees

Native English speakers take for granted that people the world over will always understand them. The global economy demands that business be conducted in the languages relevant to your organization’s place in the world. If your company employs German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian speaking individuals, or if you have locations in countries that speak these languages, it is important to incorporate native culture into the corporate culture. Employees need this to feel they are making a significant contribution. By offering them learning materials in their native language, they will gain confidence and feel empowered in their positions.

Now is the Time to Integrate

If you are already using a learning management system and want to integrate foreign languages, now is the time. Give your existing employees the opportunity to improve their performance by getting the necessary training they need, and entice newcomers to your organization by embracing multiculturalism. It doesn’t matter which language we learn in, as long as we never stop learning.

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