Keep Learning Online to Upskill Your Knowledge In New Ways Amidst The COVID-19

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Keep Learning Online to Upskill Your Knowledge In New Ways Amidst The COVID-19

Stewart Lawrence | Mar, 21 2020

The spread of a deadly pandemic would seem like the perfect reason to hunker down and avoid frivolous excess. Work, stay hydrated, preserve your energy and simply be grateful for another day, many say. Above all, keep it simple.

But staying focused doesn’t mean limiting your educational horizons. On the contrary, with more time on your hands, much of it spent at home, alone, this is an ideal opportunity to enroll on online training courses and expand the frontiers of your knowledge.

One attractive option for companies addressing the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is to establish a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows their employees to log on to their computers and receive online training courses on just about every topic imaginable.

Want to advise your employees on how to work remotely while limiting their exposure to COVID-19 in their home or neighborhood?

A cloud-based LMS system can provide just what you need. Some LMS systems allow your employees to test their knowledge and be graded on their scores. Those that fail are directed to a remedial training module that allows them to be tested again and again until they pass.
LMS systems are especially popular as a way of delivering safety training courses as well as evaluating safety training outcomes. In place of “toolkit” approaches that focus on training for specific safety threats, a comprehensive LMS safety training module can educate and test workers across a broad spectrum of safety issues and then monitor their safety performance in the field.

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Companies can better assess where to invest their safety resources and the ROI in terms of reduced worker injury and company liability.
Some LMS companies have online training courses in fields ranging from business marketing to basic IT. But while these companies target the broad consumer market, San Jose, CA-based COGGNO is the only LMS company that services business consumers exclusively. In contrast to its rivals, Coggno’s trainers are highly experienced and qualified experts in their respective fields. Coggno also provides these experts with abundant opportunities to establish Coggno-branded business opportunities at little or no cost to the end user.

Another advantage of Coggno is that users can upload SCORM files which can be utilized in a streamlined fashion across a broad array of platforms without being modified or disrupting user functionality. In terms of sheer usability, especially in a business user context, Coggno has no current market competitor.

Many LMS companies are vying to become the leading provider of Corona Virus COVID-19 training courses. Coggno does enjoy a bevy of Fortune 500 clients, including Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen, but small and medium-sized businesses that employ the bulk of the US work force are likely to find Coggno the one most attuned to their needs. Among other fields, Coggno also have OSHA courses available which many government agencies can purchase.

A crisis is an opportunity for organizations to reassess their priorities and chart new directions. Because of their unique design and functionality, Coggno’s LMS systems allow for the most rapid and efficient incorporation into your company’s existing IT operations. Continuing education has never been this fast or this easy.

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