Learn to Avoid the Top Five Workplace Safety Hazards


Learn to Avoid the Top Five Workplace Safety Hazards

Erica Caramol | Jan, 25 2016

No workplace is without hazards. Even if you sit behind a desk all day, you could be at risk for injury. Yes, even a paper cut can get infected if it’s not cleaned and bandaged right away.

Seriously, many workplaces are chock-full of hazards that we need to learn to avoid. Here are the top 5 you need to be aware of:

Accidental Falls, and Falling Objects

Employees who work at elevated heights may be at risk of accidental falls. Anytime objects are stored at or above head level, there is a risk of injury caused by falling objects. Wearing safety gear including a hard hat or harness, and installing guardrails or a safety net can reduce the risk of injury. Employees need to learn how to properly use safety equipment in order to avoid injuries. IMDG software usage by the organization can also be beneficial.

Injuries Caused By Repetitive Actions

Employees who repeat the same actions throughout the day, such as typing, rolling dough, or washing windows are at risk of repetitive action injuries. The parts of the body that suffer from repetitive actions are the back, shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands. Ensuring adequate breaks from job duties and process safety courses can reduce the risk of injury.

Electrical Hazards

People who work directly with electricity, including electricians and engineers, are at risk of injury. Employees who work with electrical equipment in an office environment are also at risk of injury. Sometimes, office workers who need to use power tools to fix equipment like printers or copy machines can sustain injuries if the power flashes or there is an outage.

You can minimize the risk of injuries by using one extension cord or power strip per connection, keeping liquids clear of electrical equipment, and conducting regular safety examinations.


Fire is a risk for your business, no matter what type of company you are running. The National Fire Protection Association estimates 70,000 to 80,000 fires occur in businesses annually in the United States. Knowing where your fire extinguishers are, holding fire drills, and informing employees of your emergency escape routes can ensure safety.


Your employees may be at risk of health hazards if their jobs include exposure to chemicals. Substances that can harm your workers include fumes, gases, liquids, solids, dust, vapors and corrosives. Whether your employees are at risk of ingesting the substance, inhaling it or absorbing it through the skin, you have a responsibility to ensure the risks are minimized. These types of hazards can be in any type of business, from manufacturing to retail, to everything in-between. In such cases organizations should go for online hazmat compliance training.

Coggno Offers Online Safety Training

The most inconvenient part of trying to ensure workplace safety is having to send employees to offsite seminars to get educated. Online training solves that problem by allowing employees to learn the skills they need to stay safe at work.

Coggno has an extensive selection of online training that covers health hazards, fire safety hazards, electrical hazards and other hazards at work.

For more information, and to find the courses that are right for your organization visit newbeta.coggno.com, now.

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