Learning Management System: A Solution for Global Education


Learning Management System: A Solution for Global Education

Coggno Inc. | Jan, 6 2010

Using a Learning Management System has many advantages when you have a global audience. It provides trainers, learners and moderators with a variety of features from administration of courses, documentation, tracking, scheduling courses, reporting, etc. Your LMS can provide your organization with a gamut of customized services that can increase efficiency and reduce training costs.

If you are considering implementation of a Learning Management System in your organization, you will have a scalable learning solution, with the capability of supporting multiple languages. A LMS will provide you with Competency Management, the ability to track and manage workforce competencies to ensure alignment with business goals. Identifying skill gaps, learning paths to fix skill gaps are some of the features of competency management in a learning management system.

Not all organizations have converted their classroom training to e-learning, most of them use a blend of e-learning and instructor led training. When you have a global workforce, a learning management solution can be a valuable solution to manage ILT and e-learning. It is a centralized tracking system that saves time and improves training efficiency.

When you need to manage student reports, or require customized reports, using a LMS can offer you such flexibility. A learning management system is capable of providing you with user history, test scores, summary of test by user groups, pass and fail statistics. Each of these reports are provided with ease and can be accessed with the click of a button.

Learning management systems are known to be successful for the administration of training within an organization. It facilitates completion of enrollments, both for individual users and batch registrations, ensuring users meet course pre-requisites, auto sending event notifications etc.

When you have a shortage of skilled workforce, using a learning management system can ensure that your employees have consistent training. Even if they are geographically spread, you will be capable of delivering the training across all operations, 24×7 and in multiple languages. Most organizations that have implemented a LMS have a collaborative learning community, with a variety of learning solutions that depend on the organizations training needs.

With a fast paced business environment, to have stand-alone training for each function and then deploying the training at intervals is not a feasible option. With corporate accountability, using a learning management system can help achieve an all inclusive approach for education. With each region or country, the training needs to align with local regulations. A LMS can give you the flexibility of managing content and updating this to meet each user groups training needs.

As you can see, a learning management system is an effective solution for global education. In addition to this, there are other features that a LMS supports that as a result add to the user-friendliness of the solutions such as;  advanced search functionality, easy integration with existing CRM, ERP and HR systems, etc.

The learning management system also has security features to protect user data, privacy, and prevent unauthorized access. This ensures that your organizations e-learning experience is not only effective and scalable but safe as well.


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