Learning Management System Brings Curriculum that will help Educate on How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Learning Management System Brings Curriculum that will help Educate on How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Coggno Inc. | Dec, 23 2009

While living and working in the industrial world has its benefits, there are also some environmental downfall, but can a Learning Management System allow you to train your workforce and increase awareness of these problems? The main problem these days is the pollution, specifically carbon and other gas emissions.  We’ve all heard of the problems being created around the world when it comes to climate change and global warming. Because of the drastic affect it is having on the environment, many corporations are now deciding to do something about it. They are implementing measures such as recycling and sustainability plans to combat carbon emissions.

However, many companies can’t afford to hire fulltime sustainability experts and are turning to online training programs and Learning Management Systems instead.  These systems will assess each company individually and calculate how much carbon emissions it’s generating. A reduction strategy will then be planned out and implemented to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

These assessments will conduct a full energy audit and investigate many aspects of the business including water, waste, electricity, travel, paper, and fuels and paper. These elements are then converted into the tons of carbon emissions created and the best way to cut them down. The plan is presented to the business and the carbon management company will work hand in hand with them to help achieve their goals, monitoring their progress all the way.

While implementing a Learning Management System may sound like a pretty complicated process. With
the help of the right training, it’s usually surprising to every company how easily their carbon emissions can be reduced. Studies have shown that up to 15 per cent of total gas emissions are produced by improperly trained staff.  So the first thing on the agenda is to make sure all employees are educated properly. This is usually done by holding workshops with interactive audio and video presentations, handing out educational reading material, posting signs, and engaging in various competitions, etc.

A good learning management system will allow you to train a large number of people at the same time. This can be accomplished at a relatively low cost per person as most systems charge a flat fee instead of a per-user rate.  The company’s administrators are able to create content, upload it, and assign it to at whatever pace they choose. If each employee is aware how their actions can reduce the company’s overall carbon emissions, you should see a reduction pretty quickly.

There are some very simple solutions to cutting down on emissions and reducing your carbon footprint. It can be done as easily as recycling various day- to-day items such as newspapers, cans, bottles, aluminum foil, plastics, used equipment, furniture and other materials. However, people need to be properly educated when it comes to all aspects of emissions reduction as there are many other ways to help accomplish it.

It’s not too hard to reuse and recycle things when trying to lower your company’s carbon footprint. But to be successful, it’s essential that everybody is well trained by a learning management system and does their part to chip in.


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