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LMS and eLearning: Why Should You Care?


LMS and eLearning: Why Should You Care?

Coggno Inc. | May, 27 2009

Every organization realizes a need for both resource efficiency and training/information dissemination. Indeed, much time, energy, and budget allocations are directed to these functions. With a learning management system (LMS) delivering an organizations eLearning requirements, many training/educational delivery problems find quick resolution.

For the uninitiated, a LMS is a software package that enables an organization to deliver educational/training materials to those who need it. This can be done either on location, utilizing computers and other technological means, or online from remote locations. eLearning is simply the concept of utilizing technology to teach or receive instructional material.

Ok, this sounds great, but why should you care? The reason is simple and it goes to the point that we started this article off with: “Every organization realizes a need for both resource efficiency and training/information dissemination.” This is what an LMS and eLearning can do. An educational organization, for example, has the need to instruct students in the most effective manner possible. This entails not only classroom instruction, but also testing, evaluation, class management and more.

An LMS can perform all of these functions in an efficient manner. Consider these benefits of utilizing an LMS for eLearning:

• Schools will be able to instruct a greater number of students
• Students progress will be able to tracked efficiently
• Faculty and teachers can be easily accessed
• Information is easily accessible and disseminated
• Students experience more time and convenience in learning endeavors
• Enhanced opportunity to complete courses

These are only a small sampling of the benefits that are enjoyed by utilizing an LMS.

What should be noted is that these are all benefits that educational entities seek on a general basis but are often unable to attain because of budget constraints or manpower that such moves would require. A LMS is a practical, and more importantly, budget friendly means of accomplishing the progressive goals that educational organizations rightfully endeavor toward. There is little question, in the final analysis, of the benefits that eLearning and a LMS can provide an organization.

Indeed, one such organization that develops software that delivers online training tools is taking the initiative that illustrate this very point. Coggno is providing public schools that accept its offer, with free LMS software to provide them with eLearning capabilities. As more and more states slash educational budgets, their ability to adequately serve students is hampered. Coggno understands that these problems can alleviated by implementing eLearning solutions. By offering LMS tools to public schools, Coggno is not only providing a public service, but also showcasing the ability of these concepts.


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