Develop LMS Online Clarity and Rewards Strategies


Develop LMS Online Clarity and Rewards Strategies

Coggno Inc. | May, 12 2009

When developing ways to support and motivate learners in an LMS online course, think incentives and clarity.

First, incentives. Think about it: Why did the chicken cross the road? It certainly wasn’t just to get to the other side. No, there was probably something across the road that the chicken wanted, and in order to get it, he had to traverse some pavement. Organizations using LMS online systems might keep this concept in mind.

Despite the fact that the endeavor or process itself typically turns out to be the reward, we humans still need a carrot in order to put forth effort. Intentional learning–or learning for the sake of learning–isn’t a common occurrence. Most people are not intentional learners.

At its core, learning is about wanting something. In the classroom setting, that something may be good grades. In a company LMS online system, the desired objective may include rewards for good performance, or simple verbal encouragement and acclaim.

Adults and children alike are highly responsive to simple words of encouragement. Along with a user-friendly and comprehensive safety training program with its own system of rewards and points, employees benefit greatly from human motivation. A figure of leadership who inspires and motivates trainees not only aids the learning process, but instills a sense of team unity and improves work relationships.

When a company’s employees are self-confident and motivated, and maintain healthy workplace relationships, the organization always benefits.  A good leader understands the emotional intelligence factor of his team.

As business author Michael LeBoeuf has said, “You get more of the behavior you reward. You don’t get what you hope for, ask for, wish for or beg for. You get what you reward.” When individual team members are poorly motivated, or feel like their work doesn’t make a difference, the whole team suffers. By rewarding group accomplishments, you inspire and promote teamwork and creative energy.

Give each member a sense of responsibility; let them know that their actions make a difference. Though an LMS can be used to track achievements to provide rewards as part of a reward and recognition strategy, the best kind of recognition is face-to-face, in the form of positive words and encouragement from a respected figure.

In supporting and motivating learners in an LMS online human resourse course or team setting, clarity may be just as important as incentives.

First, communicate standard processes–technical and “soft” team processes. Specifically, the laying out of team processes is a important condition for team success. Not only can an LMS online system be used to provide information and guidance, but it can serve as a platform where team members can communicate with each other to plan, suggest, ask questions, etc.

When everyone knows what to expect, and what’s expected from them, a world of problems are avoided. Of course, learners/team members may generate their own ideas for collaboration, but these can be added later. When a course or team project is just starting out, consistency and coherence are paramount.

Second, clarity can mean a little extra training, to make sure everyone is armed and on the same level with necessary skills. An organization should possess the necessary resources, including accessible and efficient communication technologies, as well as a little technical training. Technical training can be administered via an LMS online program or in a traditional, face-to-face training workshop.

Remember that for many of your employees, a virtual classroom or team may be a completely new concept. Many people may have no prior experience in LMS online collaboration–or even much experience in a traditional, face-to-face team. Building an environment of trust and group reliance is therefore essential. Establish trust by setting simple, clear goals for each member, and letting each experience the satisfaction of having completed the task and played their part in the group.

An LMS can aid tremendously with the establishment of goals and clear objectives for a team learning experience. In addition, an LMS can help with the maintenance of a robust reward and recognition system. But at the end of the day, a strong, communicative leader with a kind word of encouragement will trump any available LMS online training tool.

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