LMS Wedding Planner Certification


LMS Wedding Planner Certification

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 9 2011

Have you ever thought about taking or creating an LMS human resources certification course in wedding planning?

At a wedding I helped set up last summer, I remember talking to people who had planned their own weddings. During the setup they felt a strong desire to give their advice and suggestions. They said that after planning such a challenging and time-consuming logistical and symbolic event, they were eager to share their knowledge.

It’s knowledge that very few people, except wedding planners or LMS wedding planning certification creators, ever use again.

Throughout history and socio-economic classes, weddings have traditionally been a special event that people are willing to invest in perfecting.

Across the world, weddings have mushroomed to a multi-billion dollar industry. Each year in the U.S., there are around 2.5 million weddings, and none of them exactly the same.

In an age when people’s interests, tastes and spiritual beliefs are increasingly varied, it takes a great deal of time, thought and energy to plan the perfect wedding. More and more people seek personalized, customizable weddings, but don’t want to be in charge of the logistics, wedding invitations, clothing, music, reception, bachelor and bachelorette parties, ceremony, and all the other details involved in making the wedding a perfect event.

Therefore, more couples are seeking assistance in making their wedding dreams come true, and therefore the professional wedding planning industry, along with LMS online training courses and in-person certification courses, is growing rapidly.

Just as there are as many tastes and styles as there are different kinds of people under the sun, there are endless ways in which a wedding can be conducted. A wedding planner is a professional with expertise, an LMS wedding planning certification, or just a strong reputation and great ideas who helps plan and organize weddings according to the wishes of the soon-to-be-married.


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