Negotiation Skill Training for Corporate Sales


Negotiation Skill Training for Corporate Sales

Erica Caramol | Jan, 11 2017

Even with a great pitch, a corporate sale can fall through if the salesperson isn’t trained to learn how to close the deal. Do you feel like your employees are stalling out in the ninth inning, leaving potential sales on the table because they are unable to close the deal? Negotiation skill training might be the critical factor that helps to boost your results and maximize sales each month.

Why Sales Negotiations Matter

We live in an information world, giving people access to products and services with the touch of a button. If a consumer wants to buy a product, then they will often turn to their computer or smartphone to find a location where they should make the purchase.

As a result, person-to-person sales are becoming more difficult. Buyers are looking for the best deal, and they often assume that they can get a better value buying elsewhere. A salesperson might convince the buyer of the benefits of the product, but they are unable to close the deal because they can’t get the commitment.

In some situations, the buyer might negotiate because they want to see if they can get a better deal from you. Negotiation allows them to access the product or service that they desire, and at the same time, they can manage their resources. Salespeople need to know the right strategies to handle these intense moments, teaching the skills that can help you find a win-win situation for your company and the customers.

Highlighting Value Instead of Price

When sales are focused on price alone, then it is a race to the bottom for all competitors. As a result, profit margins are slashed, and it becomes harder and harder to keep your company profitable. Most people mistakenly assume that they need to negotiate based on price if they want to close the deal. But, the truth is that it is easier to close the deal if you sell based on the value and anticipated benefits of the product.

By training your salespeople to push the emotional buttons, it will show customers the unparalleled benefits that are available from your product or service. Additionally, each salesperson needs to know how they should respond to objections as the questions arise. It is inevitable that your team will be dealing with these situations, and the right negotiation skill training can help navigate these rough waters.

Picking the Best Training for Your Team

If you are going to invest the time and resources into your sales team, then you need to make sure to get it done right. Many managers and business owners know that sales negotiation skills are essential for their employees, but they don’t have the resources available to effectively train individuals on these skills.

Here at Coggno, our goal is to make it easy for you to train your employees. We offer a variety of resources that you can use for all types of training. Contact us to learn more about the negotiation skills that can be taught through our online training courses.

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