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Now Is the Time To Move Your Training Online


Now Is the Time To Move Your Training Online

Coggno Inc. | Aug, 8 2012

Today’s workplace can be anywhere that has access to the Internet; the days of being chained to a desk in an office are gone thanks to gadgets like laptops, smartphones and tablets, not to mention the fact that almost every household now has online access.

More and more people are taking advantage of technology and working from home or even the local Starbucks (which I’ve been known to do on occasion). The freedom of connectivity allows us to never be far from vital information. That includes training.

It’s hard for some companies to embrace online training, but the proof is in the pudding. Moving your training online provides an advantage not only to employees, but to the organization’s bottom line. Instead of hiring expensive facilitators and spending huge amounts on travel and seminar fees, all that’s required is a device and a connection.

Here are some scenarios we think you need to consider when it comes to giving your employees access to quality online training:

Online Accessibility Benefits Learners No Matter Where They Are

Online training offers unprecedented convenience and accessibility no matter how many employees you have, and no matter where in the world they are located. Finding online courses that suit your needs eliminates the worry of travel, and schedule constraints when it comes to booking a desired facilitator or instructor. Today, many well-known instructors have made seminars and lectures available online, as well as created specifically tailored courses that include quizzes and other materials that ensure learners are benefiting from those sessions. Online training offers content that is accessible by anyone from virtually anywhere.

A Quick Search Will Unearth Countless Options

No matter what type of training you’re looking for, chances are, it’s out there. Search engines like Google have become our best friends when it comes to finding just about anything – including online training courses. Both content creators and seekers of training benefit by going online because there are countless individuals out there looking for information about online training.

Online Training Is Less Expensive

In today’s economy, sending employees to all-expenses paid training seminars (especially those that don’t take place locally) can be a prohibitive expense. Online training, however, mitigates these costs by delivering learning content virtually. Trainers can offer content to employees without being constrained by geography and meeting room size, and employees can continuously learn from the convenience from their location, eliminating all the associated costs.

Materials Are Available “On Demand”

Instead of having to stick to a rigid schedule, online most online training materials are available “on demand,” whenever employees want to access them. Training can be integrated into the daily routine, as opposed to having to stop everything to attend an off-site seminar. This also eliminates a “forced” learning environment where employees feel pressure to take in as much information as possible in a short period of time. By training content available on demand, employees can learn when they’re ready to learn, not when a trainer is ready to teach them.

Find the Perfect Partner

Every organization is unique and will have varying needs when it comes to online learning. The best approach to starting out  is to find an online learning partner that makes it as easy as possible to get comfortable in the realm of online training.

Coggno offers a wide variety of course options that can be purchased individually, added to existing learning management systems, or used to create a brand new, proprietary learning management system for your company. The choice is yours. We’re here to make it easy.

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