Ohio Organization Uses Online Training For Autism Education


Ohio Organization Uses Online Training For Autism Education

Erica Caramol | Nov, 23 2015

We’ve known for ages how valuable online training can be when it comes to educating people on topics they are unfamiliar with.

Autism is a condition that unfortunately is surrounded with a wealth of misinformation, as well as misunderstanding. A state-funded organization in Ohio recently said “enough” and created online training materials to help better educate people about the symptoms and characteristics of autism, so more people will be better able to understand the condition that affects so many children and adults.

Online Training Will Help Health Care Workers and Everyone

The Ohio Center For Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) released its online training program at its annual conference on November 18, 2015, and is hoping that many people will engage with the material, not just families of people with autism and those who help care for them. ASD Strategies In Action was developed to offer comprehensive information about autism, as well as a certification program designed to increase education for those who provide services for people on the spectrum.

Individuals who purchase the training can opt for a 90-minute overview, or 15-hours of coursework if they desire certification. It is the first program of its kind in the United States, and the creators are hoping that other states and organizations will emulate the program, offering training that will provide a greater understanding into a condition that is becoming more and more common.

OCALI hopes that their online training programs will help ease the mystery of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) because it is not always immediately evident that someone might be on the spectrum. Many people with autism can function well enough to work with others, but some can frustrate family members and care givers if the condition is misunderstood. The programs will work to take away some of the mysteries of autism, and provide guidance for anyone who is not familiar with the condition.

Proper Training Will Reduce Turnover

One of the goals of the program is to help reduce turnover in places that care for people with ASD. Very often, trained workers lack the extra sensitivity and understanding needed to interact with autistic individuals. This program will provide that, and hopefully reduce turnover in positions.People  like caregivers, law-enforcement officers, and pretty much anyone who comes in contact with an individual with ASD, need to better understand the condition so they can perform their jobs better, and serve this growing segment of the population.

The U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC) estimates that ASD is a condition that now affects one in 68 people, and there is no clear understanding why ASD develops or what causes it.

Online training is the perfect platform for people interested in learning more about ASD because the learning takes place over the Internet, instead of at seminars or conferences that might not be convenient to attend. The delivery system makes it easy for anyone to learn at any time, and it has the potential to enhance the lives of those who might not understand ASD and the effect it has on so many people.

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