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Online Training and Actionable Outcomes and Results


Online Training and Actionable Outcomes and Results

Coggno Inc. | Dec, 6 2010

One of the big issues around online training is perception that measuring and monitoring the effectiveness and substantive results of this training can be elusive.

In other words, turning the training into an actionable outcome is the difference between a pretty screen that your learners will stare at, and a meaningful translation of what they just learned into accountable result.

The question is, is the result of Online training a measurable outcome? To answer this, you must first ask yourself a series of questions. Who is the target audience? How will the training be used? What specific result are you trying to effect? What will be done with the results, and who how will you measure them?

Once you know the answers to these questions you are better equipped to decide what types of outputs you would like to see as a result of this training. So as important as it is to develop a great online training courses, it is just as important to develop an evaluation methodology to measure the impact of the training. Impact can be measured by the amount of change in behavior, skills, attitude, or knowledge of your learners

Another effective means of beginning the process is by first evaluating if you are trying to correct a process, create a persuasion or outcome, affect a sales or business object, or define and teach a skill.

Leading the learner thru a process in an online human resources training course is often a great way to facilitate this. By establishing a protocol, giving an example of a broken protocol, and demonstrating how it is easily and effectively corrected you can use the cognitive eye of the learner to develop their own substantive learning outcome before you even need to demonstrate it for them. By affectively reinforcing what they have already discovered for themselves, your online training course becomes most effective. In this way you’ve successfully created a context from which they can explore, question, and achieve a result. In addition, they can begin to understand for themselves the relative value of the training and enable them to take responsibility and “ownership” of the training.

Finally, effectively interacting with your learner inside your online training course is an important element. Check in, measure comprehension, create short quizzes, and ask for an evaluation at the end of the course.


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