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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Company for Outsourcing Job Functions and Online Training


The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Company for Outsourcing Job Functions and Online Training

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 1 2011

Outsourcing job functions and online training has become a very common practice in our economy. Companies that used to provide their own online training courses are now outsourcing those functions as well. They are comparing the cost of paying someone else to do certain tasks in order to decrease payroll and training expenses. Before a company makes a decision it is important to weigh the options in order to ascertain whether outsourcing is truly financially feasible.

One of the advantages of outsourcing some functions of your business involves the overall cost—salary, benefits and training. When companies choose to turn to temporary agencies or other types of outsourcing companies, they seek people who are already experienced so they need to do very little training. They are able to hire someone for a flat rate and let someone else worry about the taxes and benefits for that person. When you outsource online training it gives your training staff the opportunity to spend more time on specific training functions rather than spending time implementing new training courses to accommodate changes that occur frequently within the scope of the business arena as a whole.

While outsourcing some job functions can save a great deal of time during the interview process, hiring an outsource company to help plan your online training courses is even more advantages. It is essential to maintain upgraded online courses, but your company’s training staff may not have the man hours necessary to conduct the research necessary to maintain those standards. You don’t want to reduce any of your online training, but you need to find a solution—hiring an outsourcing company that is experienced in the development of training material relevant to your industry will assure your employees always have the latest in training materials at the lowest cost to your company.

While outsourcing online training can be advantageous to your company, it can also create some discord as well—this is especially true with your training staff. Those who are used to taking care of all the online training courses may feel they are being pushed aside and will begin to feel insecure. With the current job economic crisis many people feel they will be eliminated, so the idea of outsourcing any functions within a company is likely to cause some fear among even the best employees.


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