Paperless E-Learning Solutions with Coggno’s Learning Management System


Paperless E-Learning Solutions with Coggno’s Learning Management System

Coggno Inc. | May, 15 2009

With more training and education being hosted on learning management systems, and more technology introduced into classrooms, the education world is going green. Classrooms once littered with paper are cleaning up and cutting down on waste; training programs once dependent on lots of materials and hardware are slimming down. Technology and Web 2.0 are changing the face of learning, and among the many benefits of smart classrooms is the reduction of toxic waste.

Using a lightweight and robust learning management system (LMS) like Coggno, course creation, distribution and deployment is all provided online, offering users an efficient and paperless elearning experience.

Coggno’s LMS tools such as text, audio, assessment, quiz, video, and Apple podcast producer create a virtual classroom with minimal dependence on extra hardware and equipment.

In the electronics industry, everyone is thinking smaller and more lightweight. Slim and miniscule models are trendy and designed for looks and profits, but are also part of a larger and nobler shift. One could say the new aesthetic is part of a growing anti-waste revolution in the tech world.

Along with the increased use of internet-based programs and software, the need for the latest computer model or other hardware is no longer quite as pressing–all the tools learners needs to access an online course are right there on the web. Practically any PC or laptop will do, with minimal required hardware.

Hosting training courses on Coggno’s learning management system helps minimize the amount of waste that comes out of an organization. Training doesn’t have to be a consumptive or complicated enterprise. With its paperless courses and simple user interface, Coggno’s learning management system offers organizations a chance to cut down not only on costs, but on the extra material that was once required for training programs.

With Coggno’s video tools and integration with BB FlashBack’s Screen Recording feature, traditional training methods that involved video tapes or DVDs for demos are no longer necessary.

Organizations investing in Web 2.0 learning tools and online training are part of a global movement of collaborative education. But organizations using online learning systems are also responding to a global call for greener policies and practices.

Unfortunately, the ramifications of an e-wasteful society typically fall on the shoulders of developing nations. Take Bolivia, for example. Pillaged for centuries for its precious metals, it is now found to be cursed with another coveted raw material: lithium. Lithium carbonate is used in laptop and cell phone batteries.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The EPA estimates that the industry recycles 60 million electronics products a year, most of which contain toxic materials and are exported to developing countries.

In 2008 alone, Hong Kong intercepted and returned 41 ship containers that had come from U.S. ports. The ship containers carried tons of illegal electronics waste from the U.S.. By intercepting the ships and sending them back, Hong Kong prevented attempts by American companies to dump 1.4 million pounds of broken TVs or computer monitors overseas and an estimated 82,000 pounds of lead, a known toxin, in the items.

On the brighter side, the Web 2.0 movement is seeing hints of green. For example, many pulp and paper companies are finding it harder to stay alive, partly due to the increase in emailing, internet reading materials, online courseware, etc. On the other hand, though the world is less dependent on paper for reading materials, paper is still being produced to be used for purposes like product packaging.

Coggno’s learning management system helps organizations with corporate training courses that help the world, with its robust and paperless learning system. Using tools like the text, assessment, word bank and quiz functions, traditional assessment methods involving large amounts of paper are no longer necessary.

And linked to Coggno’s eco-friendliness is another benefit–the convenient and lightweight system that its LMS provides trainers and students. Learning management systems like Coggno continue to contribute to a new global system that rejects the destructive cycle of e-waste that has historically dominated the electronics industry.

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