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PEOs Should Consider LMS for Training in 2013


PEOs Should Consider LMS for Training in 2013

Erica Caramol | Jan, 9 2013

Saving money is an imperative in every company these days, and the Learning Management System (LMS) from Coggno can reduce the steep costs associated with training personnel.  Personal Employer Organizations (PEOs) especially should consider utilizing the top-flight online courses found on Coggno to supplement or replace their training programs in payroll, benefits, taxes, unemployment and disability claims.  They offer an easy, cost effective way to stay up-to-date on things like compliance, risk management, employer/employee rights and changes in the labor market.

LMS Provides a Great Opportunity for PEOs

Some businesses spend as much as 40 percent of their day managing HR issues.  In order to reduce costs and maintain competitive advantages, many companies are leveraging PEOs to handle their HR and other functions.  In many cases, PEOs are actually more efficient and cost-effective than in-house HR departments, and outsourcing enables that company to spend more time focusing on their core business.   As a result, the PEO industry is experiencing 20-30% growth rate each year, with a total estimated market of nearly 1 trillion dollars.

PEOs may provide enormous benefits to clients through their adoption of LMS services.

  • Online training via an LMS generates revenue.  In fact, many PEOs have reported five and six-figure dollar amounts of new revenue per year by offering online training to their clients.  Just about every company in the United States is required (or strongly encouraged) to conduct certain types of training and certification, such as sexual harassment training, diversity training, and a wide variety of safety training courses.
  • LMS courses are low in cost. Thanks to online training marketplaces and learning management solutions, PEOs can now offer online training to their customers with no added infrastructure or start-up costs.  For (PEOs), online training presents tremendous opportunities for offering additional value add services to their customers and improving customer loyalty and retention.
  • Course creators benefit. Training content providers share the revenue they receive with the PEO every time a customer’s employees participate in a training course.  The content providers benefit by enjoying a broad, established distribution channel made up of PEOs that enables them to monetize and distribute their content to their target audience.

How Can Coggno Help?

Coggno is an online training marketplace and LMS that brings together content creators, HR organizations, and employees in a single, cloud-based ecosystem – enabling simplified training and certification anywhere in the world.

With thousands of high-quality courses, Coggno is a one-stop resource for virtually all industries including human resources, management, safety, and healthcare.  Our customers may even host training courses from their own website through the Affiliate Partner Network, allowing content creators access to new distribution channels that monetize and distribute their premium content.



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