Sales Training at a Distance (and a Fraction of the Cost) with Learning Management Systems


Sales Training at a Distance (and a Fraction of the Cost) with Learning Management Systems

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 2 2009

Regardless of circumstances within a company, learning management systems are often the best way to cost-effectively meet training objectives. But at a time when potential and existing clients are buttoning up their wallets because of economic difficulty, sales skills are particularly critical for organizations striving to stay competitive. In times like these, it’s especially important that sales representatives are able to cancel out any economy or budget objections before they arise.

For that reason, more and more organizations are finding better tools to create and deliver sales Such programs often include training in sales management, sales skills, and telemarketing skills programs.

They may be workshops and seminars on how to prospect and sell effectively, build solid customer relationships, master cold calls and closing sales, create effective sales teams, set performance goals and expectations, and prevent sales resistance are increasingly taking place online. Online tools allow workshop leaders and trainers to discuss and demonstrate sales principles in an efficient and simple way. Not to mention at a fraction of what traditional training methods once cost organizations.

The interactive nature of learning management system-delivered training is another huge benefit. Learners can contribute to discussions started by workshop leaders, role-playing and receiving coaching on telemarketing processes and skills. Because learners are given the self-paced convenience inherent to online learning, such online interactions are often a effective means of practicing skills than in-person ones.

Using online sales training platforms like  Coggno, companies are finding they are able to increase a company’s sales, productivity, and profits. And another phenomenon occurs as well. Online training is often able to enhance the professional and personal self-confidence of participants, as well as the degree of professionalism in a company’s selling processes.

Online training courses can range from more involved programs to quicker workshops, the latter able to be completed in 30 or 40 minutes, making them very easy to work into learners’ schedules.

Online training is far-reaching. Sales training for a company’s sales professionals and managers can be organized and delivered internationally, linking a company’s learning management system to its various human resources departments and ERP systems, to perform multi-locational, cost-effective and efficient training.  An LMS serves an important role in keeping track of tasks, goals, and learners’ training activities and achievements.

Let’s look at the trend in service and sales teams today. Anymore, companies are often made up of a network of team members–whether they are many or just a handful–to meet all organizational goals and sales objectives. Service teams, for instance, are increasingly linked internationally.

Service teams support either customers or the internal organization, or both. And LMSs like Coggno are demonstrating that if sales and customer service can be effective across great distances, so can sales training itself.

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