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Teaching to Win: LMS Lessons from the World Cup


Teaching to Win: LMS Lessons from the World Cup

Coggno Inc. | Jul, 1 2010

In designing and improving your learning management system training, we can use the world’s most exciting tournament, the FIFA World Cup, as an example of great training in action. Consider the fact that during the World Cup, players are thrown into a new environment (most have never played together before) and must learn to work as a team in a short amount of time.

Sound familiar? This is exactly the situation in which your new employees find themselves while undergoing training to work for your company. The World Cup players already know the rules of soccer, of course, but they must also learn together the shared tactics that will lead their team to victory. They require training that not only helps them develop and learn these tactics, but that facilitates the creation of a sense of team unity which will lead to their success.

Collaboration and team spirit, with the sense of a common goal, are the secret to company success. They are the key elements in an increasingly global and service-oriented business world. Likewise, they are a must in online training courses.

In learning management system training as well as product development, teams should be composed of a loose group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal within the company. These may be a group of individuals with different backgrounds, cultural identities, education, and language abilities.

HR managers training become coaches, motivating employees, and not only teaching, but showing their team the roles they should adopt. In a recent study by a European company, it was reported that more than 80 percent of participants believed they learn day-to-day skills more effectively from their peers and leaders. Showing rather than just teaching permits staff to bond, since team members learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses, abilities and experience. In this way, employees understand when and how to best tap into their team members’ expertise in a more significant and lasting way.

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