The Ultimate Guide to Generating Traffic to Your Website


The Ultimate Guide to Generating Traffic to Your Website

Tod Browndorf | Feb, 7 2013


You have already completed the arduous task of writing the course, and you are sure that it will be successful.  Don’t let the challenges of finding a market for your product put all your hard work to waste.

You only need to take a few simple steps to connect with potential customers, and your online safety course could become one of the most popular ways for professionals to improve themselves. In the following chapters, I will describe in detail how you can make your product become one of Coggno’s hottest selling online courses

  • Define your product and business objectivess.  Many publishers fail to identify their target audience and impact the shopping habits of those businesses and consumers.  Marketing should involve a clear understanding of the consumer’s needs, and your product should be able to satisfy them.  Almost 78 percent of internet users use product research to learn about a brand before purchasing, and if your product is getting bad reviews, you have already begun to lose the battle.
  • Social media should be used in concert with SEO.  While both marketing strategies have their advantages, these two techniques are most successful when using an integrated approach.
    • Search engine marketing generates leads. You should utilize SEO techniques like subheadings, keywords and backlinks in order to rank higher on search engines.  SEO produces 41 percent of leads in B2C strategies, while 57.4 percent of leads for B2B strategies. Following chapters will describe how best to utilize SEO techniques like PPC, keywords and interlinking.
    • Social media is a key to raising awareness.  It is in your best interest to utilize relationships and communities on these networks to get the word out about your online course.  Social media has been shown to produce 34.2 percent of B2C leads, while only 24.8 percent of B2B leads.  Gaining exposure on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will be detailed in upcoming chapters.
  • Content marketing enhances your reputation.  In a situation where you are marketing your expertise, it is critical that you develop a reputation for being knowledgeable.  This is most easily done through the creation of articles that showcase your skills and experience. Blogging on your or partner sites is also an effective reputational technique. These articles should be posted on your social sites as well as respected websites like

In order to build a market for your product, you need to dive into online communities. A great place to start is through Coggno’s community pages: Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Facebook.  Our community sites are regularly updated with news, tips that can help boost your online business training. Your presence on popular sites will help drum up excitement about your product.  You may also try establishing your own community including present and past users.  If you can begin to create positive buzz online, your training course will be poised for success.

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