Three Ways to Strengthen Your Training–And Your Company


Three Ways to Strengthen Your Training–And Your Company

Coggno Inc. | Jun, 23 2010

The benefit of a learning management system (LMS) isn’t only the time and money saved, but the potential for creating a team learning experience that fortifies your staff unity and efficiency. But how do you train employees for continuous improvement and team thinking? Moreover, how can you create a group learning experience for your staff?

First, incorporate Kaizen into your company philosophy, and explain and demonstrate the concept in your training. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kaizen, the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement, is a philosophy which involves all employees, of every rank. It is quite different from outdated hierarchical improvement programs of “command and control”. Under Kaizen, all employees are encouraged to make suggestions to improve all processes of a business.

During LMS training, instill your trainees with the idea that they are not only valuable employees, but a team who works together to improve the company product and image. Staff don’t work for your company–they are your company.

Second, use your LMS to establish clear training goals and objectives for your staff. Let your LMS do the dirty work of tracking your students’ progress during training. An LMS is able to take care of many things including content management, agendas and announcements, collaboration methods, assignment management, and learning path developmet. An LMS plays a critical role in its ability to track staff progress–both individual and collective.

Third, create a team learning experience using your LMS. Try a strategy that serves two purposes. For example, introduce your staff to a new product or service, and allow them to practice developing strategies and solutions for that product or service. If the trainees are in sales or customer service, use your LMS to introduce the new product, deliver training on the product, and prompt trainees to work together to develop strategies and solutions to given situations when dealing with clients, and so on. These are just three among many ways you can reap the benefits of LMS training for your company–beyond the more financial and practical ones.

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