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Learning Management Systems – Making Employee Training Simpler, Faster, and More Affordable


Learning Management Systems – Making Employee Training Simpler, Faster, and More Affordable

Janine Ordman | Jul, 26 2017

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are amazing, and not just because Coggno has developed one of the best ones on the market. If your business is new to the whole LMS thing, or you’re still contemplating whether it’s a worthwhile expense, please read on.

Why should my business adopt a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Any business, large or small, would have an appreciation for the importance of training, not only to keep up with significant business skills and market trends, but also with matters of compliance related to your field. So, here’s why a Learning Management System is a good idea:

Tangible savings in learning and development costs

At a glance, businesses that implement an LMS save on, among other things, trainer fees, training site rentals, and the printing of learning material. It is for precisely this reason that large corporations tend to opt for e-learning alternatives to traditional training methods (g. Strother’s 2002 paper documenting millions of dollars in savings by IBM, Ernst & Young, and Rockwell Collins, and more recently, Kineo’s case study on McDonald’s).

More effective on-the-job learning

The skills necessary to stay relevant in a modern workplace change constantly, requiring frequent staff (re)training. Research has shown e-learning, as is employed by LMS, to be an overall more effective method of learning in that it improves learners’ retention rates by up to 60%; allows learners to learn up to 5x more material in the same amount of time as traditional learning; and has the potential to improve productivity, with nearly $30 generated for every dollar spent on online training courses.

Faster training delivery

LMSs allow learners to train at their own pace and does not require face-to-face consultation, so, your business won’t have to book out training days which often interfere with productivity and service delivery. Evidence suggests that LMS has the capacity to reduce learning time by 40%-60% when compared to learning the same material in a classroom setting. All material is accessible in one convenient location online.

Progress tracking and reporting

Learning Management Systems typically allow employers to keep track of the courses their employees are taking and to monitor their progress and achievements, which improves reporting and lets management keep an eye on the effect of training on the bottom line.

Where do I get my hands on the best LMS?

If you’re not already familiar with Coggno’s training solutions, check out this one-minute video on our very own LMS: the Employee Training University (TU).

Curate Your Own Training University

In a nutshell, the Training University (TU) is a one-stop-training-shop that provides an innovative means of delivering courses tailored to the needs of each individual business.

– Businesses can easily select the courses they want from a massive, wide-ranging training library, upload their own in-house learning material, and employees can request courses they think would be beneficial to their development.

– There are no upfront costs in using the TU, although users can save up to 30% on Coggno courses, depending on the amount they choose to deposit into their Coggno account.

– The TU tracking and reporting interface simplifies the process by generating and storing employees’ training information, and results can be exported to Excel for offline use.

No special software is required, it can be used on different operating systems and devices, and offers an intuitive, user-friendly learning experience.

Sign up to the Coggno Training University here, and simplify your training process so that your employees can stay up to date with the things they need to know while getting back to doing what they do best.

Free LMS 101: Concepts, Trends, Applications

Learn how to treat your employees well, provide them with opportunities to advance themselves, encourage social behaviors, and empower and support your managers all with learning management systems. BP_Guide-1-1

In this Ebook, we cover:

  1. Keeping Teams Engaged and Happy

  2. The Latest Subjects, Added Quickly

  3. Upskilling and Reskilling Makes Employees Stick Around

  4. Make Learning a Game Whenever Possible

  5. Community Learning Increases Learning Time 30X

  6. Making Online Learning More Interesting & Personal

  7. Managers As the Keys - Using LMS to Help the Whole Team Succeed

  8. Trends and Application in LMS Differ By Age

  9. LMS Training Making Business More Resilient

Get the eBook here

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