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Webinar and LMS Training: Clear and Dynamic


Webinar and LMS Training: Clear and Dynamic

Coggno Inc. | Apr, 13 2011

You might fancy the idea of saving resources and money for your organization by hosting webinars and LMS online training. But how do you go about it?

There are many avenues available in implementing online training and hosting your own training webinars. You can host training via a learning management system (LMS), providing learners with a common space for building their skills and knowledge as well as interacting with each other.

LMS training offers a variety of benefits including cost-effectiveness and a range of customization options. You can design your own training or choose pre-packaged and specific online training for your needs. In designing your own LMS training, you have the freedom to create and incorporate your own learning material, quizzes, videos, and audio and podcast features.

In addition or as an alternative to LMS online training platform, webinars are an exciting way to deliver training to participants. When choosing a webinar service, make sure you choose one you can trust. Do a test drive. Participants should be able to log in easily and have easy access. For many people, it might be their first time attending a webinar. Complex instructions on how to attend the webinar will deter participants and prevent the success of your event, and possibly the entire training effort.

Include polls. Polls can be taken throughout the webinar to give you instant feedback on how people are doing during your event—whether you need to repeat something, or expand on something you have said. Polls are one feature that will help guarantee the success of your event.

Remember, in a webinar you’re only able to control your end—the presentation of the webinar. That means that you should tell participants at the beginning of the event what to expect and where they can find all the materials of the webinar. Provide the slides from the webinar on your website so people can access them later. Additionally, record the event and provide the recordings afterward.

Let participants know they can ask questions via twitter if you are using it. The key is to be specific in all directions. Tell attendees they can use the question panel to submit questions, including their name, title, and location.

Provide a number to call in case people are having trouble logging in to webinar. Tell around what time there will be breaks, and when you will be taking calls.

Webinars and LMS online training provide a dynamic and environmentally friendly alternative to in-person training conferences. In both methods, the more explicit and simple your directions, as well as the effort you put in to make the experience an exciting and interesting one will make all the difference in their success.


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