Why all of your employees need a crash course in networking

crash course networking

Why all of your employees need a crash course in networking

Tod Browndorf | Aug, 2 2016

Studies have shown that employees are falling behind in strategic networking. While the importance of networking for CEO’s and managers may seem obvious, not enough attention has been centered on training employees in business networking.

We are going to give you a positive push to help your company expand and succeed by shining light on the importance of networking.

Stay ahead!

Your employees need to master the skill of networking in order for your company to lead the way, far ahead, of its competitors.

When your employees are connected to the right people they will have access to insider’s information. These inside tips and leads will keep your company ahead of your competitors.

Networking leads to self-management

When your employees have the proper network, they will know who to call when issues or unexpected, unwanted surprises turn up. Having the right links can lead your company directly into a suitable solution, without wasting any time. When we’re talking problems, we’re talking both big and small? You want your employees to be able to manage the matters themselves.

Save time, save contacts

When employees have the right connections they can make the right contacts and solve the problem without having to forward it to someone else. By accurately taking care of the issue through their own networking, this saves your business time and money. The fewer disturbances the more enhancements for everyone, right?

A wide networking range will give them power and many resources, which is exactly what you need for your company to stay progressive and effective. Employees have to understand the importance of networking. They need to be motivated to network and realize the importance of it for their own personal career and for the company’s success.

More seeds, more fruit

Leading a company, you are aware of the importance of networking. There are certain accomplishments you would have never achieved without the proper connections. Now imagine how far your company could expand with the proper networking within the company.

We shouldn’t limit the networking to the big seats on top, but to every seat in the house. Imagine as a CEO or an executive, you sit in a ‘throne,’ so to speak, and every time you properly network you bring in another successful throne into your company. Now imagine if your employees knew how to correctly network, how many more seats would occupy your ‘palace.’

Open the waterways

Having a proper networking system set up in your business is a productive way of encouraging the flow of knowledge and information. The more channels your company has unfastened, the more material your company will have.

However, employees need to know how to decorously network. Since there is an overwhelming number of resources for contact and communication, networking too often with the wrong resources will turn into a great waste of time. Too many emails, too many meetings, too many phone calls nobody wants that.

It is vital to train your employees on how to make connections, discern valuable contacts from invaluable contacts, and how to manage their time productively. As employees are adequately trained to network, their work and value to the company will impressively increase.

It is imperative to educate your employees not only how to network but the usefulness of networking for their own achievements. As an article in the McKinsey Quarterly puts it:

Formal network structures can mobilize employees to generate value by propagating knowledge and its creators all over the enterprise.


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