Why the Web is a Superb Learning System


Why the Web is a Superb Learning System

Free: Most of the information online is free. Sometimes payment is required (for some journals, magazines, etc.). Regardless, the internet makes for a relatively free learning system.

Available 24/7: There is no opening or closing time. Use the web according to your schedule and personal bouts of inspiration.

Ubiquitous: Utilize this learning system anywhere in the world with an internet connection (which is, alas, not always free). But if you can access the internet for free from a McDonald’s in a third-world country, you can be sure the burgeoning amounts of free internet spots worldwide will eventually reach even Antarctica.

All-encompassing: There are still documents unavailable online, e.g. a few ancient religious texts, but just you wait. The internet is becoming the most comprehensive learning system in history.

Free LMS 101: Concepts, Trends, Applications

Learn how to treat your employees well, provide them with opportunities to advance themselves, encourage social behaviors, and empower and support your managers all with learning management systems. BP_Guide-1-1

In this Ebook, we cover:

  1. Keeping Teams Engaged and Happy

  2. The Latest Subjects, Added Quickly

  3. Upskilling and Reskilling Makes Employees Stick Around

  4. Make Learning a Game Whenever Possible

  5. Community Learning Increases Learning Time 30X

  6. Making Online Learning More Interesting & Personal

  7. Managers As the Keys - Using LMS to Help the Whole Team Succeed

  8. Trends and Application in LMS Differ By Age

  9. LMS Training Making Business More Resilient

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