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Revolutionizing Safety Training: How Coggno Empowered Costco to Achieve Unprecedented Compliance and Safety Standards

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Achieving 35% Increase in Compliance and 25% Reduction in Safety Incidents: How Coggno's Tailored Training Solutions Empowered Costco


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Problem Statement

Costco, a multinational corporation with over 250,000 employees across 800 stores worldwide, faced a significant challenge in delivering specific training around their Fuel Bays and Storage Tanks.

Each state has its own set of safety regulations and requirements, making it challenging to ensure that each store employee is adequately trained and compliant.

The lack of a centralized, easily accessible, and comprehensive training program posed a risk to both employee safety and regulatory compliance.


To address this challenge, Costco leveraged the partnership with Coggno.

This collaboration provided a robust platform for delivering state-specific safety training for Fuel Bays and Storage Tanks.

The training was designed to be easily accessible, allowing employees to access it from any location, and comprehensive, covering all the necessary safety aspects required by each state's regulations.


The training was delivered through Coggno's online platform, known for its user-friendly interface and high-quality content. The platform's flexibility allowed for the customization of training content to meet the specific requirements of each state.


Employee Participation and Completion Rates
A key metric was a number of employees who participated in the training and successfully completed it. This data provided insight into the effectiveness of the training delivery method.
Regulatory Compliance Rates
The number of stores and employees compliant with state-specific safety regulations post-training was another important metric. This was a direct measure of the training's effectiveness in ensuring regulatory compliance.
Incident Reduction
A decrease in the number of safety incidents related to Fuel Bays and Storage Tanks post-training was a critical measure of the training's impact on improving safety practices.
Employee Feedback and Satisfaction
Feedback from employees about the training content, delivery method, and overall satisfaction was also collected and analyzed. This feedback was used to make continuous improvements to the training program.

Results and Impact

Implementing the state-specific safety training program led to a 35% increase in regulatory compliance rates across all Costco stores.

Employee participation and completion rates were high, with an 80% completion rate indicating that the training was easily accessible and engaging.

There was also a 25% reduction in safety incidents related to Fuel Bays and Storage Tanks, demonstrating the effectiveness of the training in improving safety practices.

Employee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with a 90% satisfaction rate, with many appreciating the convenience and comprehensiveness of the online training.


This case study demonstrates the power of leveraging partnerships and online platforms to deliver effective, state-specific safety training. Costco's successful implementation of this training program, resulting in significant improvements in compliance rates, safety practices, and employee satisfaction, serves as a model for other large corporations facing similar challenges.
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